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Montana Elk Help???


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Mar 7, 2013
Hi everyone! I been on this sight for a while now. I'm coming to the end of my special tour at the AFB in GF. I have only two falls left and this one is very limited because my daughter will be born then end of September. I was hoping someone would be willing to help me out with a bull elk. I have hunted the hard tue past two seasons with no luck and I would really like to get one before I PCS to the east coast. If anyone can help me I'm willing to take them on a turkey hunt....I have private properties that I have the turkey rights to and fill both tags every year. Maybe someone can point me in a good direction or something....I have hunted the highwoods, big snoweys and a little of the belts and can't seem to find Bulls. I killed a cow in the snoweys on a property that allows only that. I would really like to get a bull before I leave. Thanks guys.

I have the 900 tag this year. I was unsuccessful with my rifle tag.