Montana deer and elk results up (resident)


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Jul 7, 2001
I guess I will be hunting general deer and elk this year. Disappointed about the elk, but I think I found a good place for general deer anyway.
Dammit, my buddy drew my tag. Actually I am happy for him. Downside, his wedding is opening day. :(
What kind of guy allows his future wife to pick opening day for a wedding? Unless his honeymoon is a two week elk hunt.

What kind of tag did he draw?

BTW did you apply for 652 again?

No elk tag for me either... I was having a pipe dream when I wrote in 380 for elk... Oh well some one has to draw! Hey miller do ya think we could sub your buddy on our team?
I think alternates should be leagal!
Zip on the elk here too. Oh, and what Nemont said about opening day. Sheesh what was that guy thinking? I'm thinking he either doesn't get serious about hunting or he has a divorce in his future.
no deer or elk for me either. maybe an antelope tag will find it's way to my mailbox in a couple weeks.

good luck getting your friend onto a big bull. don't forget to share pics! where's your big buck honey hole anyway? ;)

a friend of mine's former secretary drew the 380 either sex permit...hmmmm, it just so happens she has worked for FWP for a couple years. :eek:
You know fellas. From where I am sitting none of you have a dang thing to complain about. All of you have hunted out west more than once for elk and other critters right?? :confused:

I have never seen a elk or a bear in the wild. I have never seen a moose,muledeer,caribou,wolf and any type of sheep period.

So to me I read this and say WTF do they have to complain about. ;) :D
I got all the general tags, a kinda tough 'B' tag and a 900 speed goat, plus I can buy another one over the counter...
No Moose, Sheep, or special elk tags...
Maybe next year....
Fred, put in for Mt. and I'll work on finding a place to take you....
I don't know what all the fuss is about. I drew my 3rd either sex elk tag in the breaks in 10 years! I'm a little concerned about finding a bigger bull than the last one, though.

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