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Guest and Buzzy were out shooting footage all day........putting together a limited edition video we plan to produce.........and you can reserve a copy for a mere $ shipping and handling of course! We will only have a limited supply as I could only dig up about 5 or 6 old tapes to copy the footage on, so you need to hurry! :eek: can send the money to DS and Buzzy Productions: Encampment Wyoming.......

.....this video has some amazing footage of several monster bucks, heads swaggering under the weight of their massive head gear!
More than 8 different shooters!...well, probaly 20 or so, depending on whose truck hunt you book! :D

I let Buzzy drive cause I was all shook up, and he got lost on Cow Creek road, and turned around in an old abandoned farmhouse driveway and we ate tuna sandwiches and sipped orange soda while we daydreamed about our is good, can't wait til next season!!!!!!!! :cool:
Geeze DS, $19.95 is all. You are ripping yourself off. I am sure that any footage in the Encampment area would bring at least $29.95 :D
I agree $19.95 is a really good deal considering the quality of the bucks on the video. Man there are some good bucks around if you know where to look.
Heres my check for $29.95 and a tip of $10. What a steal. I'm glad I've got freinds around who would"nt do any thing to help me part with my $$$. Keep up the good work....
:D ;) :D
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