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Sep 12, 2004
calaveras station, ca
turkey, grey squirrel, red fox, blacktail, mountain quail, rainbow and brown trout, and a 1- year older black bear.

a nice thunderous hail storm came through last sunday.

hot on the trail!!!

d-5 hwy 88 calaveras/ amador counties.
Welcome aboard jeager. I see you are a teacher, could you elaborate on the above post since this student does not understand what the heck you are talking about. :D
I didn't understand it either but the Guy/gal is Passionate, I have to give them that :D

Come to think of it, I don't understand what I write either... Must be a California thing ;)

Seriously though....Welcome aboard !!!
C'mon guys.....Yeager is German for hunter, and the dude is going after Mokelumne Wilderness Mule Deer....He is hunting in Zone D-5. Off Hwy. 88 between Cavalaras and Amador counties. He also has a passion for all the other critters....especially the bear he didn't get last year. And finally had some moisture in the mountains. He's rarin' to go.....Go get'em Yeagermeister!
jeager meister--a drink to be consumed heavily or a master hunter--either way I like it--

thanks for the clarification whitedeer--
no fox, turkey, trout, or buck, but copious amounts of beartuerd. manzanita, cascera, and acorn.

saw a big fat doe 200yd from the Pacific Graft & Extortion mill.

Why are nfs stations closed at 4:30 friday and ALL Sat and Sun on opening weekend? had to chase down CDF through two calls fora campfire permit!

About the bear... scammpering through my highbeams. enough said.

Partner's Bro came eye to eye with a mega-three pointer and had tangent-safety buckkfever!

Campfire stories got weird w/ personal encounter stories of Zodiac Killer and leonard lake/charles ng.

When's it gonna rain again? It was rice krispies trails and powdered roads all over.

Whitedeer, do you take co-payments?
Ahhh...jeager waxes poetically ;)

Good to see ya still tromping around out there
liquor-man! And I gotta agree...zodiac killer campfire lore before sack time is a bit wierd!!
I too have been chasing a decent buck in D5. About 16" wide, 18" tall 3x3. Seen him twice during rifle season so far but both times it has been to dark to shoot. Jeager, where are you from?
Saw only three sets of buck prints in the 3 square miles of land I hiked. Could have been the same 3-pointer that buddie's bro shot at.
"Calaveras Station" is the name of the 95207 Post Orifice in Stockton. Lived in Fresno, Berkeley, and am 5th generation San Franciscan. That's where Grandpa got the Savage 99 and Parker VHE that lie secure in... He and g-ma were kids during the '06 earthquake and fire.
Grandpa's favorite hunting spots are all X-Zone now. I have hunting and fishing Licenses (buttons with a slot you fold the paperwork in) from the 20's through 50's, and some maps of his with penciled circles of Modoc, Lassen, and Tehema, counties.
North Fork of the Mokelumne is my favorite fishing spot. City of Jackson may soon be damning-up my favorite stretch at Devil's Nose. They claim less than two dozen people a year go after the rainbow and brownies according to the Environmental Impact Report.
I've never seen anyone else down there in the 31 years I've been thrashing about. It's a knee-buckling slide down and a lung-burning hump outta there.
Looks like there's another short/cold storm passing through the Sierras. The deer will be down to the foothills, sub-urban sprawl, and Indian Gaming traffic soon.
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