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Maine beahs


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Jan 10, 2020
Hey all. My son just started an internship at sugarloaf mountain and I’m planning to make a visit up there this fall and maybe chase some bears. Certainly will do some fishing.

Anyone have any tips about best times to go etc? I gather the bear habits depend on the years forage / mast so some years are earlier and more baitable than others. What kind of year is this one?
Is it reasonable to consider hunting public land up there or is it better to pay for access if one only has a few days?

Thanks for any ideas!!
I would hire an outfitter rather than try and bait yourself. It can be challenging to get a bait site established let alone 3 or 4 that you need to hunt effectively. In Maine all land is open to recreation unless posted, The North Maine Woods has its own rules.

Early season tends to be best but as you mentioned it dependent on mast and berry production.
getting a bait site established in advance of my arrival would be the least he could do for the old man, right? He'll be working 60 hours a week, so maybe not. I hadn't considered baiting to be essential but given the responses here it sounds like it should be the strategy. It looks like baiting season ends Oct 31 so that does narrow my time window somewhat. OTOH I suppose hibernation starts to be a factor around then anyways.

In Maine all land is open to recreation unless posted, The North Maine Woods has its own rules.
Sounds a little different than what I'm used to
There does seem to be a nontrivial amount of public land bait organization of who can bait where and when.
You do need to apply for a bait if doing it solo, not baiting chances are very slim of sneaking up on a bear. There are lot's of bears and for high chances of success baiting is essential. I would definitely go with an outfitter. they will have you all set up with a site(probably a 2-3 to rotate based on activity, wind...) you can go sit the evenings you wish. If you are not looking for lodging and meals it should be really reasonable. The loaf is a great place - enjoy. Great fishing and grouse hunting too - free with the purchase of a license.
If a guy was to go up there in October, any fishing recommendations for that time of year? Landlocked salmon would be highest on our list if that’s a thing then.
Pm might be best
I would check the regs carefully. There are some famous waters to the west of Sugarloaf but most of them close September 30.
@gburk, I'm a new member and can't PM.
I'll just post this for everyone. I lived in that area until 2004, wasn't really a hunter then, but here's the secret info- "The law - Unlike most other states, Maine operates under an implied permission structure, meaning that if land is not posted, it is legal to use the land." (the internet). I've seen bear around Sugarloaf, If you don't want a guided hunt maybe find some sign and try calling?

I would do a guide service if you wanted to really focus on the beahs.
If you just want to stay around that area and have some fun here's my experience-
So, around Kingfield, Stratton and Eustis, you can drive paper company logging roads, dirt roads for miles. Plenty of rabbit and grouse(locals called them partridge). Especially if you get a light snow, you can see rabbit tracks. I would ride with seasoned hunters and they would literally point and say "look there's one", I still could not pick them out at 10 yards sometimes. Find some brush and rustle it up, flush some grouse. Look up 'big woods maine deer hunting' or something. The famous Buck guy's, drive the dirt roads, cut a track and stalk on snow.

Fishing- Up there fly fishing for brook trout is easy if you would enjoy that. Salmon wasn't a thing around there, I caught a Pike once bottom jigging near a bridge. It's mostly smallmouth bass, sunfish, some perch, pickeral. Your average lake fish.
Pretty darn good first post I’d say! Thanks for the info, I wouldn’t mind cruising logging roads in search of tracks. I still haven’t booked a trip up there and it looks like November might be my only availability. Would guess that’s a bit early to count on any snow.

Recommend you drop an introductory message in the new hunttalkers section if you plan to stick around.

And welcome to HT
November is deer season in Maine. Bird season is still open. There will be snow in November for sure. It will depend on the weather patterns but the northwest mountains are typically the first to see it (that is where you will be). Go find a track and hop on it and try tracking. I am addicted - what a way to learn some woods and animals. The bucks in this region can be huge. It is not easy, but incredibly rewarding.
Like the sounds of that! hopefully we can make something happen. Thanks.
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