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Looks like SJ will get my booking for hogs


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Aug 22, 2002
I have a buddy that wants to hog hunt and is booking with SJ (sportsmanjunctionoutdooradventures)
I will give you guys a good report on how the trip turns out and if the service is good or not. Looking to go to NW TX for a few days for hogs in the first or second week of febuary. I let my buddy book it because he is worried about getting skunked, so i didnt want to hear him whine about the place I picked, so its up to him to decide.
Will do, Booked a nonguided, land lease for 2 days the second weekend in Feb. Whack and stack!! I am going to see if i can maybe get a few Mpeg clips of shots.
I wanted to go with other guys on this board but like last year the times were not good. The FL trip was the wrong week, and Tbone only had room for one on the CA trip and my buddy wanted to go with. Maybe next time!
You do realize Fla has no closed season on hogs, on private land ?! Just cuz Feb is out for you, still leaves like, Uhhhh, let me see,... a bunch of other times!
Just let us know, I know someone will have the itch!
Heres how i would rate this hunt on a 1-10 scale
Terrain and eye appeal of the country ; 2 this crap was ugly and nasty
Quantity of hogs : 8 , We saw 12 in 2 days
quality of hogs: 10 , there were more huge boars than meat hogs. unusual, maybe because of the weather but we were told it was the norm.
bunkhouse: 7 ,an old moble home but it was all a guy needed and had everything you needed to get the job done.
Communication with the booking agent and outfitter : 10 , these guys seem to care about your needs.
As far as everything else goes this was an unguided hunt so food and transportation was our deal. the little town 14 miles away was pretty dumpy but we got a good catfish and shrimp fry saterday night.
I would say this is not a place for a whack and stack meat hog hunt from what i seen, but maybe it was the cold weather. For a trophy boar this place is the shit!! there are some monsters there.
The thing i didnt like the most was it was so damn ugly there, and we had to resort to jump shooting in cactus. This also was maybe because of the weather. I wanted spot and stalk but the place we could have done it didnt produce for us, but other guys that hunted it did see hogs there.
I never saw a hog i could have taken by bow.
All in all a good hunt, and i would book again and recommend it to anyone looking for a mounting size boar for sure.
QUOTE "Communication with the booking agent and outfitter : 10 , these guys seem to care about your needs."

Thank you Pat for the kind remarks and ratings. I can't promise anyone a successful hunt but I can promise everyone that I do honestly care whether you get a great hunt or not and I try to do my job well and I do honestly want anyone that books a hunt through us to get exactly what their told they'll get and that their hunt will be a good hunt even if they don't kill the animal they're after. Aside from the weather I am thrilled that yours and Steves hunt was enjoyable and you had a safe trip. Did you see very many turkeys Pat?Thanks for booking with us.

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actually we never saw one bird. A few quail but no turkeys where we were hunting.