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Lookout Mtn. (Oregon)

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May 8, 2002
Rochester, Washington
My brother and I drew the Lookout Mtn. mule deer tag, which is the unit north of I-84 and along Brownlee Reservoir. I'm just wondering of anybody is familiar with that area, not necessarily where the deer are but mostly I am interested in good places to camp, where the closest gas and stores are located, and if there is any place nearby to hang a deer in a cooler. We will be going on a scouting trip down there in a few weeks and it would be a big help if we at least had an idea where we could camp when we get there.
It all depends on where you plan on accessing the unit from, you can go in from Richland, Durkee or just North of Farewell Bend. Gas in either of those areas, probably the only cold storage your going to find is either in Ontario or Baker City. Baker City would be the better bet for you since you will be heading home that way also. Really theres not alot of roads on Lookout, the main road follows the top of the mnt mainly with a couple camping spots, Basard Diggings is one spot, outhouses etc are there, the rest are just pull outs in the road. Theres a few nasty spots on the mnt thats straight up and down so be prepared for anything and plan on packing anything you get pretty much uphill cause what few rds that are in there are'nt alot of help depending on where you get, most the bighorn sheep in there hang out in Connor Creek that flows into Brownlee, so if you in that area you might keep an eye open for them.
GatoMan, hey thanks for the info. Yeah I was thinking it's probably a lot steeper than it looks like on the map. :eek: We're planning on being there 3 weeks from today. I think I'm gonna have to start hitting the gym on a regular basis.
oops, had to logout and log back in under my name.

I'm not worried about the private land. I know how to use a map, compass, and GPS. The area I hunt a lot in eastern Washington has even less public land than Lookout Mtn. and it's never been a problem.
You might want to PM Huntinbuddy from this site. He hunted archery up there last year and is really familiar with that area. To hear him tell it, the place is lousy with horns. I have seen lots of deer there but just from the Idaho side of the river.
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