Lion and porcupine


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Jan 8, 2001
winfield ks usa
Just wondered if anyone else ever has seen this. I have never caught a lion that didnt have a least a couple porky quills in it somewhere.
usualy in the forearm or neck and dont seem to be all that festered up. I have seen where a porky was caught and eatten right out of its skin a couple times. The really amazing thing is that many dont have any thing in their stomach, except a handfull of quills, and these are working their way on through. I have seen cat droppings several times that were entirly matted together quills, just like deer hair going through. I aways tell people who tell me that they here lions screaming,that now they know why!!!! WE raised lions for about 10 years and they rarely scream. Just when breeding and when extremly agitated. KW
KW-I have only seen one lion in my life that wasnt full of quills somewhere on his body or inside! They love them!! As you know they roll them on their belly and eat them inside out and we find remains all the time!!!! They rip thier belly open and eat them inside out. I treed one once about fifteen minutes after seeing a porkupine in a tree out inthe middle of no where. When I went to get a closer look , a lion had followed the porky to the tree and was setting there patiently for the thing to come down!! At least thats what it looked like from the tracks. I turned the dogs loose and I hardly had time to get all my stff together when they had it treed!bcat

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