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licensing ??


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May 9, 2001
Hey quick question for ya Tom or anyone else in Texas or who has hunted Texas.I know some states require proof of Hunter Ed.before you can get your licenses.Just wondering if Texas requires anything like this.Just wanting to know before I get down there and need proof and dont have it with me. :D
Its on page 33 of the outdoor manual or at

Every hunter (including out of state hunters) born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must successfully complete a hunter education training course.
17+ you must
age12-16 you must or "be accompanied by a person 17 years of age or older licensed to hunt in Texas."
under age 12, you must be accompanied by a person 17 years of age or older licensed to to hunt in Texas.

"Proof of certification is required to be on your person whil hunting."

Cost of certification is $10? Try the web site or 1-800-792-1112 menu 6 or direct 512 389-4999.
JASON LEE..... I'm '73 and Don't have one...... (I'm guessing I can bribe the Local Walmart guy

Either that.. OR I'm in t-wouble....
GUESS who just got in a course that was WAY overbooked with a waiting list.....

KOO KOO Katchoo BABY !!!!!!! I'm gonig to graduate on the 23rd... I leave on the 28th... THAS not cutting it to close .. is it ?!?!?! ;)
They better hope they PASS, I took my nine year old daughter through the hunter safety class this fall and she passed with a perfect score!! :D

See if you guys can top that
We could quiz them:
1. What's Pittman-Robertson?
a) a couph drop
b) a sportsman's excise tax
c) a featherweight title fight from 1934
d) none of the above
2. What's #8 shot for?
a) Running elk shots.
b) dove and quail.
c) celebrating New Years.
d) none of the above
3. When a muzzleloader cap fires and that's it, the safe thing to do is
a) look down the barrel for fire in the hole
b) hold the gun steady and ask your friend to look down the barrel for fire in the hole.
c) keep the gun pointed in a safe direction for several minutes.
d) none of the above.
I fully understand we all need a 5 day varmint license to sheep hunt. And I NOW understand that we need to stop off someplace along the way to get the license. I saw in another post where K-Mart and Wally World was mentioned. Thats all well and good but where are these places in relation to the airport? Most of us aren't from San Antonio. If some directions could be listed to direct people to either, it sure would be helpfull.

I am glad somebody brought this up as I ASSUMED (we all know what that means) the licenses would be issued at the ranch. Obviously that is NOT the case. Had I not read the post about the ranch not issueing licenses, myself and my buddy would of went without a lisense.

Is there anyplace in or near Barksdale that sells 5 day varmint licenses?

Don ;)
Shaky, The Wal-mart closest to the airport is at 8500 Jones-Maltsberger (210)377-1899. Its a 24 hour store. You take the airport exit going west, stay on the access road, turn left on Jones-Maltsberger road in San Antonio, go 1.5 blocks, you're there, 8500 Jones-Maltsberger. Its not but a mile or two total from the airport. They won't run out of liscenses, a computer prints them, someone is on duty till 11pm and starting at 7am in sports. If not, go to customer service and ask for Jeff, he can sell you a liscense at midnight if you want. One around the loop 410, just past I10 is 5025 NW Loop 410, (210)523-1091. Mapquest, the web site gives real good directions also, you can print that out, a detailed map. Please spread the word.

Here's the map. Lvt6mHlBXW7XvE06ULI4E4Jy70C2eCMXEg030LFhybAShkBdJngQGe4LRZpnmJIlEB3CC2RihZ%2bAAi2V2QtrpjmfEeDrRDN8JzkyQ5uX%2b%2fJvP9BuxQH%2fPoeFY7TRl3LVItqk1j3p%2b%2fKvDG87vbdh2fCEpc7%2f4VXIdZnBy4 elbCr1HY1ByLt7osWb62o8W4HgSxRkmS72N%2bO1mpAtjtpsYdHlBewBDRQ8LLOpINK6146%2bw9do9rk4l2Fo9io6dhrGDjtBLpFxvO7dRRXog51XEJTE%2bA%3d%3d

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Lets see...10 hours listening to 3 dumb@ss teach me about hunter saftey and ethics.....I am now the proud owner of a Indiana hunters ed.Card,scoring.......drumb roll please..............100%...I dont know how the test in the other states are but this one was pretty easy..

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