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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
YOU still poking your head in this place ? Haven't talked to ya in a few days.... Just wondering what you're doing on Friday Sept 5th ? can ya still drive down ?

Talk to me Joel
Friday is still good for me. Your dad comes in early afternoon doesnt he? Also on the flip side but please bath before you get in my truck. that would be a long trip back to anchorage if you dont
HEHE.. .We're not sure on the Times Exactly yet, I have AK Air miles but he has Delta.. HE might have enough for me..... SO we might arive on the same flight ?
Another reason I'm asking is I've talked to TOM, who is setting up my hunt and He said I might have enough time to slip out Friday eve. and maybe get a Duck or two ? Says there is a good place he'll tell me within 20 MINs of there... BUt sounds like there is public ground with Blinds. I'm guessing you'll need Decoys for there though ?

I'm bringing the Shot gun and would be AWSOME if I could get a green wing teal or a pintail.... MAYBE even on the trip down there might be a place We could "JUMP SHOOT" some off a river, wet field, or lake ? See what you can find out

We don't have the PINTAIL and Greenwing like that down here..... MAYBE you even know someone that knows a place to go real quick ?

I'll get a copy of the regs. I know there are a few places on the way down. I dont get into waterfowl hunting but I dont have a problem stopping. ANytime on the way down, if you want to stop for pics, piss break or whatever, just say so.
I don't get into it much either ...
BUT, I will stop on a dime if there is a chance at a DUCK
And if we don't have a place to stop, We'll speed down and see what we can do there

I got a "TRAVELIN' Blatter" ... I don't ever need to stop for a piss

See what ya can find out, HAVE gun, will travel !!!!

ALSO, thanx in ADVANCE for all the help !!!
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> See what ya can find out, HAVE gun, will travel !!!! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
We can start calling you Paladin.
LBG, I am calling SHITKA .. Errr Sitka deer tomorrow (I'm joking on his name to see if he'll peak in here, remember the DEERSLAYER fight on his ram at Bin's place
) And might hook up with him too. might fly in a day early to shoot some ducks. We'll have to see. that way I can be sure my stuff arives in enough time.. incase the airlines loose anything.. Or at least thats the reason I'm giving the wife

Anyways, If he's availagble he said we can slip out on his boat... Will fill ya in when I get more info....THANX bud !!
I'm giving him a call in the MORNING... HELL, IN a few hours probably
HAHA !! I'll let ya know what he says, I'm sure he's "good people" !! I wouldn't even think about it otherwise !!!

I'll let you know what he says...

HEY, IS it easy to pick up some Shells right there ? I don't want to mess with bringing shells from here.. Although you guys don't have indoor plumbing yet .. do ya ?!?!
LMFAO. We also dont have telephones and dogsled bring our mail to us.

I think you might have a good chance to find shotgun shells up here. I'm sure we can find a store that has a box or 2.
If Art will take you out for ducks, I'd do it. He really is a good guy. I've only met him once in person but he knows his shit, and is usually more than willing to help people out.
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