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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Okay what is some the best ways to get in a big game hunt without having to draw a tag for a non-resident?

What species are usually the less expensive but well worth the trip as a non-resident ?

I believe the cow depradation hunt in Wyoming is a good one but I also would like to know of others.

Nut,Idaho has Over the Couter tags. Always left over ones for Deer. The problem is this year I'm not going to have much time for myself let alone take anyone out. But I'm sure we could point you in the right direction.

Just think of hunting here in Idaho like our Hunting in Texas on Temples place. Start at the bottom of that hill walk up it by his house to the top, turn around, walk down and Repeat that proccess about 20 more times... THATS your hunt before 10 AM
After that, expect to do that in the Evening again

Swing by in JAN with MtMiller and bring your Decoys and We'll Slay the Ducks though !!!!
Nut, Colorado has over the counter bull tags $480 though, some units have over the counter cow tags, most will have leftovers.. Cow tags go for $250. If you want to go after deer you'll want to go to the Colorado Dow website and check out the leftover deer tags(not sure if they're out yet) They want $290 for deer. check out their website

If your serious about colorado let me know. I might be able to help you out.
Thanks Boman

Oscar I know it would be a blast if I could make it there in January

Heck no replies about bears,prairie goats and such.

Guess I will do it the correct way tonight. Look it up myself.
No problem Nut, seriously if you want to come down. Just let me know. about bear and prairie goat... bear is over the counter but tough to hunt because the season coincides with the deer/elk season. Prairie goat tags are pretty much all accounted for during the draw and any that are left are private land you'd be looking at paying a trespass fee which could be as little as $50 and as much as $1500..Good luck
Yea Boman it would be great if I had loads of $$ to spend on a hunt out west. I am just checking into future possiblities. After all I am supposed to get a check from the IRS for the 2 younger brats I got here and am thinking on ways to put it to use.

I'll post, and I won't even bother checking the regulations. I figure if I am wrong, somebody from SI will come up and correct me, or at least call me names....

Idaho Antelope, Archery only for General season.
Idaho Deer, Other than SE Idaho, you can pick up as a non-resident in most years. We have two main types, Clearwater and non-Clearwater. The Clearwater drainage is known for all the 190+ Bucks up there. Usually most people will spend 2-3 days looking over a dozen or more 180+ bucks, waiting for the right 190 buck.

Our other deer tag is non-Clearwater. This for the rest of the State, not in the Clearwater River drainage. This is the best way to get a 32" 4x4 mule deer. The challenge with them is for being able to separate out the little 30" animals, and get the 32+ guys.

Generally, after a few days, and looking at 20+ bucks, it gets pretty easy to score them.

For Elk, it is getting a bit harder for non-residents to wait too long to pick up tags. The F&G posts the amount left, and some years I think they all get bought up, other years they have some left.

They now allow us residents to buy a non-resident tag, as our second tag, at the non-res price. That way we can dump two 350+ bulls each year.

Bear in the fall, for the most part is easy to pick up the tag, just a bit harder to actually kill a bear in the fall. My guess is most bears killed in the fall are incidental to the goal of killing deer or Elk.
Here's a hunt I'm going to try sometime. Barbary Sheep in New Mexico on public land. Season is in February, tags are over the counter and cost about $300 non resident.

Paul - From what I understand from Gila Monster, a former NM guide who posts here sometimes and who went on the Texas hunt, it is almost impossible to get a Barbary sheep now. The NM Game & Fish want them gone since they are not a native game animal, so they have been trying to eradicate them. Gila Monster got a nice one several years ago, but says they are very few and far between now.
A guy I'm working with at the BLM shot the #2 Barbary in NM about 4 years ago. Paul, if you decide to try it, let me know and I'll try to find out where he was hunting.
At the past FNAWS I talk to some New Mex Game folks and they said there was only one good place left. I would be interested in any other information to see if it matches what I was told. One of the game managers had just recently wacked a couple Barbaries from a chopper that where keeping a band of Desert Sheep from a water hole. I would hate to spend $300 to hunt a critter New Mexico doesn't want, travel all the way down there, hike my ass off, and then find out that there were none left. Better do my research first!

Thanks for the information, Paul
I'm just repeating what Gila Monster (John) said. I received a package from an outfitter that has a NM mule deer hunt and his brochure says you can take an aoudad for just an additional trophy fee and the additional non-resident fee, so there must still be some around.
Nut - another great hunt is wild pig. There are some in Texas, some in the South and some out here. Compared to elk or trophy deer, they are cheap! The meat is usually excellent, too.
speaking of hogs i know a great place here in florida. 140 per hog plus a 35 dollar usage fee. at that price we dont even buy pork anymore. i have got 4 this year my oldest boy got 2 and my wife got 1.i know these 2 guys who want to hunt sambar with me this year and if we get drawn i might surprise them with the hog hunt on the way back. any time you want to try the hogs let me know and ill set up a date and take you out there. problem is once you get one you will be hooked.
Archery wild pigs in California during the offseason for me. Its a blast. Best eating game animal I've ever had.
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