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Jun 22, 2001
This is a topic on another forum, I am still looking for opinions. It seems many feel the kudu are better trophies from Namibia. There are more of them there and the trophy quality is better. Any other comments?
Anne, I have been hunting Afrcia for just over ten years and the last few Professionally. I can't imagine Kudu being better from Namiba then the Transvaal of South Africa. No more then Gemsbok being better from the Transvaal then they are in Namiba.

Look in the SCI record Book for where the big ones are coming from. There are probably a few thousand listed and you can easily see where they are coming from this way. I don't have a copy at my finger tips right here but I am certain you will see that the transvaal is the place to go. The world record and many very close to that have all come from the Transvaal.

I don't buy into Namibia being better for Kudu, Gemsbok yes, I would agree 100% but not Kudu.jj
Thanks JJ, but could you explain where exactly the Transvaal is? I have a pretty good map of RSA but am not sure what area you are talking about. Is it in a certain province?

I think the hardest part for me will be that all the animals will look big as I have never seen them before! I'll be very reliant on all my PH's knowlege of the game.

Anne; that is our job!

The transvaal is the Northern Province mainly from say Thabazimbi to the lowveldt from the limpopo south to Hmmmmmmmm Maybe Vaalwater or so. The regions and provinces have changed in the past so what was once called by one name is now a different name in some places. I guess you could consider the western two thirds of the Northern Province and you would be safe.jj
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