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Jul 7, 2001
I just wanted to share how happy I am with Burris customer service. I purchased a backpack tripod (only 11 oz., but durable) for about $65 two years ago. It worked great, but I ended up breaking the locking handle. The break was my fault, I was wrenching it in the wrong dirrection.

Couple weeks later I emailed the company and told them I needed to purchase the replacement part. Instead, they sent me a replacement part for free. Downside was it was not for the model I had. Emailed them again, this time they just mailed me a new tripod. Woops again, wrong tripod. It was alright, but of lesser quality.

Once again I emailed them and told them I want to pay for the part, but obviously wanted the one I broke. They got back to me right away with apologies and sent me another new tripod. This one had the handle I needed, and also included a tripod that was one step up from mine, but still light enough to haul around in a pack and extended a little higher.

As I mentioned, it took awhile to get the part I needed, but they returned my emails almost immediately and I ended up with two free tripods. I have a feeling I would have gotten the correct part earlier, but it was during the middle of the shopping season.

Well that was a little drawn out, but I just wanted to say thumbs up to Burris.
I too just had so dealings with Burris. My bino's were seeing double so I called them and they said send them in and we'll fix them and if we can't we'll replace them for $35.00. Sent them, waited 3 weeks didn't hear anything so I called them. He said "new" ones should be there that day, No charge, I'm thinking how sweet a deal that is. They do get here that day and not only brand new ones but instead of 8x they sent me 10x's. I am very impressed with the company.
Excellent stories... I had a similar experience with a G. Loomis flyrod. I snapped the tip on my 7'9" 2wt. I took it to the local shop where I bought it and they wrapped it up to ship it back to Loomis. Later that afternoon the flyshop called me and asked me to come back. Loomis had authorized them to give me a brand new rod! They had one in stock that Loomis replaced for them... It was wonderful! I've been a G. Loomis fan ever since!
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