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Killing Machines - Wolves


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Dec 20, 2000
S.W. Idaho
Fellow hunters, if you want to continue hunting big game, here's something you can do about these Canadian Grey Wolf uncontrolled killing machines that have been dumped into the western states.

Join and support --
(877-669-6537) (Info site)

The anti-hunting/anti-gun groups have gigantic $$$$$$ ( + the media and their Big Lie) to throw against us to keep their poor little fuzzzy wuzzzy wolves in their killing mode (365 days a year). We need money and political support.

Help in the fight, or watch your hunting privileges be destroyed, when the wolves have decimated the game herds to the point where the anti-hunting freaks can say, "There's no game to hunt, so hunting is now outlawed."

Ante up, boys and girls: join the good fight! Afterall, it's YOUR hunting that is in their sights.


EDIT: And for you who are not in the western states, don't be complacent and think "Ohhh, that's THEIR problem: it won't be long before either these Canadian Grey Wolves migrate to YOUR states, or, the anti-hunting freaks and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (extremely anti-hunting), will dump them into YOUR forests.

Think you'll just shoot one?? Hmmmmmmmm. It's a $100,000 fine and five years in Federal Prison to kill a wolf.


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Between CWD and wolf killing machines.....we have zero chance to be hunting elk in another couple of years.....Moosie, can we replace the elk section with a crossword puzzle or knitting topic?
Lean, Check out the wolf topics in Sportsman's Issues! I recommend a visit to Horseshoe Bend to talk to ISSA (their link is on the central Idaho wolf coalition site) before you give any money to those nuts. Do you really think they're going to get the Endangered Species Act repealed?

They'll probably be at the Sportsman's Show in Boise in March.
Ithaca 37, I couldn't find a link for the ISSA on the Central Idaho Wolf Coalition's site. Who are they??

As for repealing the Endangered Species Act, no I don't think that is possible, however, perhaps if enough people supported some common sense changes in the Act, we might not have some of the illogical listings in it. The abuses promulgated by this Act, against many citizens and their property, need to be stopped.

Lean, I'm sorry. I got them confused with the USA of Idaho site. That's where the links are!

"Central Idaho Wolf Coalition, Inc. - P.O. Box 89 , Standley ID 83278 CALL 1-887-NO WOLFS "

I wonder where Standley ID is!

Some of these characters can't even spell their name right!

"CSI: Conscerned Sportsmen of Idaho" :D

"The Central Idaho Wolf Coalition's sole objective is the immediate removal of the Canadian gray wolf form Central Idaho,..."

They're dreaming!

I can sympathize with everyones feelings about wolves, but there's a lot of emotional crap thrown into this whole issue. We have at least ten thousand mountain lions in Idaho and every one of them eats just as much meat as a wolf, but not very many guys try to shoot one every year! Seems kinda crazy to worry about a few hundred wolves and not get upset about the lions!

Take a look in SI and I'll bump the wolf topics to the top.
My response is partly philosophical and partly practical.

First the practical part. They have wolves in Canada and they have elk and deer in Canada and they have excellent hunting in Canada. That seems to me to be prima facia evidence that wolves and elk/deer and hunters can and do co-exist simultaneously.

Second the philosophical part. If we as hunters can't share the woods with the creatures that have been born there and lived beside our ancient ancestors for milennia, then we have no business being in the woods.

I love hunting elk and love hearing the wild sound of wolves howling in the night. Surely there must be a way for all of us to live together.

How is the Canadian deer and elk hunting in the specific areas with wolf concentrations? Do wolves inhabit all the same areas as deer and elk in Canada? If not, is there a difference in hunting where preditor and prey coexist vs. where they don't? Can and are wolves hunted in Canada? If so, to what extent? Does Canada have political and social climates relative to wildlife that are similar to ours?

I don't ask these questions to be a smart ass. I think answers to these types of questions are necessary to establish or change one's postion on this issue.
Ithaca37, thanks for that link. I'll check it out.

As for mountain lions, I agree with you. I carry a mountain lion tag each year and so do my hunting partners. In fact, I know where two are using right now, and with a bit of snow up in that area (Sawtooth Zone), my two buds and I are gonna go up and see if we can find some fresh tracks, Friday & Sat. (We don't have dogs: just gotta try and track 'em. Not too successful, but we try.)

As for the E.D.A., I believe in at least trying to organize and get portions of it changed. Might not be successful at that, but without trying, we'll never know. (Maybe I'll write Trent Lott and ask him to sponsor a bill to amend the Act. Hmmmm.)

As for hunting wolves in Canada, unless they've changed their laws, one could indeed, hunt and kill wolves on a controlled basis, in some of the provinces. I know U.S. hunters who have done so. I have read many accounts of Canadian hunters killing wolves. I also know hunters who have hunted and killed them in Alaska.

My big problem is with a predator that is highly specilized and very efficient in its killing, that hunts 365 days a year, and has NO predators to control it.

I say, put a season on the wolves, or, get 'em outta here.

Lean, I've spent a lot of time trying to get a big lion by tracking him. Never got one yet!

I'm all for shooting wolves as fast as we can get it OKed. I'd like to see them controlled at the minimum number needed to keep them off the ESA list.

I spent a lot of time on hunts in Canada looking for a wolf to shoot. They're not easy to find when you want one. Kinda like going out to look for a coyote when you want to show one to a friend!
Each wolf is responsible for the demise and hopefully consumption of 1.5 deer per month. The pack where I hunt was 5 animals 4 years ago. There could be as many as 8 wolves now, maybe more. A pack of 8 animals will kill around 144 deer a year. The deer management unit I hunt is supposed to have about 12 deer per square mile. The Wildlife Management Area where I hunt and this wolf pack is is 13,424 acres, thats 21 square miles. 12 times 21 is 252 deer in that range. The wolves are taking about half of them and I personally can see the results. This is happening in northern Wisconsin!

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Here's what one of the founders of Concerned Sportsmen of Idaho has to say about wolves:

"We're dead set against wolves. What our forefathers did to them should have remained so. Reintroducing wolves was the most extreme of environmentalism."

He's onto the hidden agenda of the Elk Foundation, too!! :D Ed Lindahl's a great guy to have on the anti wolf team! :D Too bad his elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor.
I am a Canadian wolf hunter(Ontario). we are allowed to shoot as many wolves as we want if you possess a small game hunting license. As an American you can come to Canada and buy a license for $75.00 cnd and hunt wolves. Wolves co-exist with our moose and deer populations. They are prime wildlife managers killing mostly the young and the sick and the old. The Alpha male and female limit their breeding to reflect the state of the moose and deer populations. In years such as the past three where we have had reasonably easy winters the moose and deer populations have increased considerably, so have the wolves. However, in years where we have seen population decreases so too have the wovles dropped off. For the past two years moose hunting without exception each time I found fresh moose tracks there were wolf tracks. We use the wolves as co hunters in some cases. for example on a windy cold day moose will be bedded down in thick swampy areas. They weigh 1200-2000 lbs, trust me you do not want to shoot one in a swamp, way too much work getting it out. If we know there are wolves moving the moose herds we position our daily hunt to anticipate where the moose will show up that is accessible, if the wolves get them off there normal patterns. It doesn't always work, but when conventional hunting styles are not putting meat on the table it is a tactic we use. We do not have any of the significant diseases your deer populations are experiencing. I believe this is due to population control between hunting and wolf kills, eliminating the sick. wolves are the most cunning of the North American predators and therefore present awesome hunting. We bait during the winter months when all of our other hunting seasons are closed, you basically have the wilderness to your self. Wolves are pack animals so if you see one you know there are more close by. If you have never tried it it is worth checkingout!! We bait with moose and deer carcasses from the previous fall hunts.
Ithica, where do I find "sportsmen's issue", sorry I am new at this web site???

Ithaca! thanks i reviewed the section. Wow there is alot of hatred for the wolf down south!! It is biologically proven that Wolves manage their own population depending on availability of food. the idea that wolves will continue to reproduce until every game animal is wiped out is ridiculous. What is happening is people are applying human characterisitics to Wolves. Modern day man might continue to populate until the planet collapses but Wolves will not. In one of your posts there is reference to some Island where moose and wolf populations fluctuate together. That Island is called Isle Royale. It is located in Lake Superior (wisconsin) It has been studied for years because both wolves and moose cohabitat the Island. there were 3500 moose on the Island in 1996. After an incredibly tough winter 11' snowfall with 6' accumulations 2800 moose died. One would think that on a relativley small Island (50 miles long 10 miles wide) miles from shore that the remaining moose population would have been wiped out by wolves. This did not happen. A number of easy winters following 96' has allowed the moose to rebound and the population continues to grow despite the fact that the "killing machines" live with the moose. As for the pictures of people's pets mangled, we have the same problem in Canada, mostly in years where food is very scarce. it is sad ,but unlike humans it is not done out of revenge, it is done out of hunger.

As I mentioned before, wolves provide one the best hunts you will ever go on. We bait and hunt from snow blinds. Their abiltiy to elude you is incredilbe. It is truly the best animal I've ever hunted.
Lets put it into perpective. How would you feel if those wolves were put in your yard and there was nothing you can legally do against them in way shape or form?
Coyotes have killed more pets than any wolf and are much less afraid of people. They are much smarter than wovles. I do not think to many healthy elk are taken down by wolves. Those that are sick or have been wounded by hunters are the most likley. If you could get hunters to take shots they know they can make and learn how to track there would be more elk several times after hunts i have found as many as 6 elk killed by hunters rifle and bow, and i hate to say it but the most has been after rifle season and this has been in just one small unit so hunters need to get smarter. Some people shoot then look to see if its a bull or a cow those people don't belong in the woods. Let your fish and wildlife people say when there is a problem with to many wolves i'm sure they will do something about it. Like any wildlife it will have to be controled as our population grows and we take more habitat away. Heres a thought close our borders and don't let any more in, our goverment thinks we have all the room in the world right here. I may be in Carolina but i'm from AZ

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