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Here in Minnesota there is no longer a closed season on raccoon. Since the crash of the fur market no one bothers to hunt them anymore. I guess that fact wold classify them as a varmint.
coyotes,skunks and praire dogs are the only real varmits... furbearing would be bobcat, badger,fox
big game is lion

I consider anything i dont have to draw for a varmit....


Don't forget the racoons, ringtail cats, and coatis...but I'm pretty sure the porcupine is protected in Arizona.

forgot about coons and ringtail cats... cotie are a one per year bag limit so I say not a varmit...
yes porcupines are protected here in az,first one i saw(in az) was in the desert at night while we were rattlesnake hunting many years ago.

Coyote, Skunks, Ground squirles......

'Yotes are by far the Most popular.... Ground Squirls are a fun thing to PLINK !!!!!!
We have feral animals in Australia in their millions pigs goats horses donkeys camels-yes camels rabbits hares foxes and all sorts of introduced birds as well.If you are connected you cant carry enough ammo comfortably for a days shooting on some of the outback properties.BUT their is nothing like blowing a big feral tomcats brain out his arsehole in a long steak of shiit for me.These feral cats do so much damage to our wildlife that they need to be shot besides i `m like GilaMonster and dont like fuggin cats.

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