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Just got back from 'Bou hunting and...


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Dec 16, 2000
just wanted to thank all the well wishers that we had before our trip. MLM, myself, and a friend of ours had a trip of a lifetime up there.

We each got 2 bulls. MLM, true to form, got the biggest rack of the bunch, but all the racks were good to excellent. The outfitter, Club Chambeaux, was fine, the guide was excellent, the cooks outdid themselves, everything went very well.

MLM and I handloaded all the ammo for the trip, and I was very positively impressed with the performance of the new Hornady SST bullets that we used. They performed very well and even though this was our first experince with using them, it will definately not be our last. The accuracy was very good and all were one shot harvests, from 60 out to a long 250 yds.

Thanks again!! WD
WDswift,thats great but you didnt give us enough info.
Two bulls each ,where did you hunt? That much shooting there has to be some good storys floating around.
Sounds great, WDSWIFT! Got any stories or pics? I'll have to live vicariously through you folks for many more years before I get to go hunt 'bou myself!

Congradulations WDSwift, sounds like a great hunt. Does that outfitter have a web site ? I'd like to look at it.
Also, tell me more about the Hornady SST bullets ? What cal & weight ? How well did they penatrate, did you have any pass throughs ? :D
I will send some pictures up to Moosie and let some one more talented than I post them.

The website for Club Chambeaux is after talking with some of the other hunters from other outfitters, I am really glad we chose to go with them. Some were horror stories, and that terrain, coupled with a migrating animal that doesn't always take the same need to go with someone who knows the areas and has experience. It could turn into a cold, wet, windy, and gameless outing real quick if you don't.

The SST's really worked well, MLM and I aggreed that they were between a Nosler ballistic tip and the Nosler partition. They seemed to open up real quick, and yet have the umph to penetrate. Yes there were through and through wounds, but the wound channel was impressive, yet we lost very little to blood shot. MLM used 139gr SST's out of his 280, I used 150's out of an '06. All of the harvests were one shot kills, most were of the "chin first" type drops. My second one was a running shot at approx. 100yds, and the way he dropped impressed even the guide. Hit him just behind the shoulder.

To say that we had a good time would be an understatement.
wdswift, sounds lika an awesome hunt cant wait to see some pics !!! lookes like a pretty nice outfit you hunted with up there which plan did you guys do ?? american ?? european ?? etc....... just curious to what the odds of each plan would be and how they would differ??? congrats on a great hunt two bou's was worth it im sure!!!

anyone want to bet that MLM was shooting a ruger ????? any takers ????? sounds like fun guys!!:D:D:D
Yes fun was had by all! But mine was luck. What would you say with your best buddy standing over your shoulder saying OMG you should see this Bull coming at you! I shall leave out the parts he added as ladies and kids read this board!! Yes I was using a RUGER 280 with 139 SST and Nosler 150 over 4350 and both were one shot deals. One neck shot and the other shot in the left side of the chest. The 139 SST were great, they acted like WD said, only true part so far! They were better than the Nolsers I belive and almost as good as the Partion bullets. Now think of your best shooting buddy doing all of this to you as you are trying to shot the Bull of your life! What a pal what a bud! I can only hope I get to do the spotting for him some day! I will try to do the same for him! If I had the chance I would pack up again and go tomorrow. I had one of the greatest guides and he humped that Bou out of a smamp for me and I belive he felt as happy for me as WD did. The only trouble was the mess we did not know about untill the next group came in. That how far you are out in the sticks! Now back to building that next rifle for the next hunt!Thanks all for reading this and God Bless our Troops and the USA.
Mike Murphy
Well folks there you have MLM's side of this story of what happened in the Swamp. I have pictures to show how MLM spots for his ole buddy WD (which I will withhold for now). Hopefully here are a couple of more pictures of our harvests. Seriously, A public and sincere congratulations to MLM, That was a great bull, one that I will always remember, and was proud to do the play by play on.

We went up on the American plan, 1 guide per 4 hunters, but the guide did have an assistant guide to help out.


Thanks for posting the pics and the stories.......I'll get to go Bou hunting one of these days just gotta hook up with a couple guys that also want to go.
WD , glad you got some of your pics to post. I am so glad you are keeping the story to yourself , so you will know soon how other hunting buddies treat there shooters! I don't belive kicking them on the bottom of the foot, yelling OMG is something they do to help the shooter! But no I am glad he got his great bulls! I just wish I had been right beside him to share this moment with him. Folks he is one swell hunting pardner and even a better friend. Hoping you all have some one like this to hunt with. Thanks WD.
Mike Murphy :D :D
Thanks for the kind words Murph, and same to ya.

It was the experience of a life time to go up to that remote part of the world hunting, and as luck would have it, to be able to get 2 nice bulls. But that is shadowed by the priviledge of being with Murph when that big bull came down the shore line, over trees and out into that swamp. I'll remember the 2 I got, but not as well as getting my ole buddy out to that big bull through that soft and trecherous peat swamp so I could get pictures of him with it. I'll probably always wonder how T/H those big 'bou walk through there without sinking to their bellies.

To give ya'll an idea of how well I know Murph by now, I knew where his shot was going before he squeezed the trigger. 'Tween the left front shoulder and the breast bone, as it was walking toward us. Sure enough, that is where it was when we finally made it to him. The story of us going through that swamp,....... no one would believe unless we had it on tape, so we'll just have to commit it to memory.

Great pics! Sounds like a wonderful hunt.

What do you figure that you spent, all in, for that hunt? How much should I stash away once you add in the meat shipping etc.?

One guide for four hunters work out ok?

I state this is the last time I will blow ole WD's horn. You all must understand that I am missing one leg and some things are very hard on me in certain areas. Well WD left his stand and took the time to find a trail for me to come up into the swamp so I could hunt with him. He left his stuff and walked in and out again just to show me a safe way to go. He then lead me over the swamp or peat bog to my Caribou and took many pics of me with my Caribou. With out whick I would have lost alot of my hunt to share with pictures. Oh I would have had the hunt with me the rest of my life , but to share such a moment with a good friend and fellow hunter makes the air that much sweeter and the bond that much tighter. Lord I better get off that soapbox before I get light headed from lack of air!
I would say 4,000 US would get you all you need done. Tipping the guides, cooks and getting the meat cut and flash froze at the hotel where we stayed. You have to understand that is all there is that keeps some of the people going in that area. A man meets you at the hotel and tells you what you need to do and so on. All is handeled for you and your hunting crew. On the way back it is the same. All the flights and other stuff is included in the cost of the hunt. I belive about 3300$US. Now that I am home and look back I would have paid more and still been happy. Me and WD did our homework on this for about 18 months. BUt like all good things hard work and planning paid off this time. Now things could change if the weather or other things go bad , but this outfitter WILL move you if no game is seen. And the guides worry about you and try there hardest to help you and get you the best hunt a man could ask for. I guess that is what we are paying for. Could you try and go to some place far away and just head out and try and find game let alone try to take a great animal with out this help. Trust me I have been with bad outfitters and good ones, this one was in the top two if not the best! If you need any other info just drop me a line and I will try and answer any questions you have! Thanks again Wayne.
Mike Murphy
Thanks for the info. My buddies and I have been thinking about a caribou hunt and have received the info from them. Good to hear a fresh review!

Good luck,