Jimmy and I drew unit 64 WY.


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Dec 25, 2000
We found out yesterday and he called me from China this morning. Were pretty excited about it. It will be a new area for us, so we are going to have to do a lot of phone work. Send me an e-mail if you know anything about this place.
Just curious Dale.......what made you guys go with 64 if you knew nothing about it?
Elky & DS

We decide to put in for 64 three years ago and have kept putting in. We had several things led us to pick that one. 1. It is generally considered that the draw units are better than the general units (All else equal). 2. Garth Carter rated it as an up and comer with descent odds. 3. I called the bilogist and he backed up what garth said. 4. We reasoned that since the season is only two weeks long, a lot of the locals wouldn't pick this unit because they would rather have a longer season, where they can hunt more and wait for good weather. Which is opposite of our needs, because we only have one week. 5. It's only 60 miles from a horse rental place.

I think the biggie (for us)is the short season. IMO most of the really avid hunters from WY would rather have a long season, so they might go with a general hunt where they have a lot of knowledge of the area. The general units always produce some whopper bulls. IIIIIFFFFFF!!!!!!!! You know where to go look for them. We are hoping that it is mostly road hunters, and we can get in there bust our butts and get back to some great country. I guess we will see.
Damn good figuring Dale! I don't know the first thing about that area, but the fact of the short season and limited unit bodes well for you guys. You have talked to folks in "the know" that say it's good, so I'm sure you guys are locked in!

I was hoping it was as it sounded and you threw a dart at the map!
Hopefully you guys will have some better stories from this year pack-in!
Thanks a bunch Elky, the mapquest show him to be right up the road.

DS, Last year was the best elk coutry we have ever been in, we just had one seriously snake bit trip. At least the research turned out to be true. We found lots of bulls and some of them were big, 300+. But when you have a couple of horse wrecks, a tent wreck
and a sick pregnant wife whose in the hospital, it sure does screw up a good elk hunt.
Elky, He is suppose to get back sometime in August or early September. He better be back in time for the alligator hunt if you all draw a tag.
Dale T: Congratulations to you and Jimmy D on your draw!! I'll be sending you an e-mail real soon and I'll do my best to be of some help! - memtb
Thanks LB I hope it works out to where we get to see you and elky.

I am finding out the down side to drawing a WY Elk tag
I am all fired up and it's 9 months away. I will have time to rethink this thing two dozen times before we ever pull out of the drive way on our way to WY.

Ohhhh Wellll!!!!! Dreaming about it is half the fun.

I will be out until next Wed. We are taking a little skiing trip. Just a quick little low budget trip to Ruidoso. Got to get my fix on some Mountain Time. This is a terrible and expensive addiction that can put a strain on your pocketbook, marriage, and even effect your work. It's a terrible thing.

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