It's opening morning, you've hunted....


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Dec 17, 2000
Littleton, CO, USA
... this area before, you've scouted it and established a game plan for the first day. You've hiked into an area you feel has promise and have hunkered down for a while to see if anything happens.

Then, from accross the valley or on the opposite mountain, all hell breaks loose. There seems to be shooting from all directions except near where you are.

What goes through your mind????
"I wish I was doing that shooting! I wonder what they got. With all that shooting, somethings gotta come by here! Get ready!"

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Its NVA, charlies, VC...start spraying lead in their direction and hope to get lucky.

....Or maybe make a note to self to find somewhere else to hunt where.
First thing that goes through my mind would probably be "glad I'm not over there," followed closely by "oh shit, I hope they're not pointing this way." THEN I'd think about getting ready.
That is my normal hunting morning. I have never been the first to shoot on opening morning. But things to tend to run your way after that. :D
I figure since it isn't me, it must be that bunch of bitterrooters and missoula $#@&s putting on their elk drive.
Hey biglazyazz, thats funny. Im a bitterfrooter and 2 years ago on opening day i got caught in the middle of a drive by some butte phucks. There was a 6x7 i had seen earlier and on opening day i was about 5miles in on the herds favorite hill. Some guy comes crashing down the other side of the drainage pushing the herd towards me. The bull is bugling and hooking cows the whole way and there is about 30 cows running on all sides of me. I shot him at about 50 yards. The guy comes running up thinking i was one his buddies he was driving the elk towards. I didnt even know any of those guys were there!!!

Here the bull, sorry bad pic.

nice bull, and don't apologize about the pic. Its good too.
You still gonna sell your ATV?
Its for sale. I havent used it in a few years and anywhere you can go on a motorbike is the chits, too many of them so any open area gets overhunted and overused. Also i dont want to be associated with a bunch of slobs who are bad for bowhunting.
Lost again you from Butte? What a shithole! I'm sorry. You are probably a tough Irish lush with an attitude though.

I've had that happen to me on opening day with WW once. haha. Brings back memories.
I need one more for around the farm and for weed spraying. I can't see using a $5000 toy for hunting a $100 elk.
Hell I ain't tough enough to be from Butte. Lived there for a while but not a Butte rat. Got alot of friends there still, but I think the house I lived in is probably in the Continental now.
I spent a few yrs in that freaktown too. Still have a few butterat friends. Lost again, you seemed to be locked on post #36 according to your last 3 posts. Whats the deal, does it take 3 of your posts to equal one of mine? hahah

Where is the farm?
Farm's near Dillon. Yea, and I have a onetrack mind. Can only answer one point per post.
ROCKYDAWG..I Emailed him and told him you were tougher then that NINJA Weekend Warrior that posts here.....

I think he got scared ;)
Moosie, scared? I have pepper spray...
Any truth to the rumor people are seeing antelope up the south hills and in the bitterroot?

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