Is Fall or Spring the best time to hunt bears in ID???

I think spring is easier to locate them on the green-up. What's real fun is when you get fresh spring snow to cut tracks and follow them.
Dale.... I'd say both... I came accross 3 bear hutning elk last year in the FALL, ALL were "SHOOTERS". The spring they are moving a bit more in search of food though I believe. Flip a coin, call we when ya come :D :D
Isn't one season or another supposed to be better because their pelts are in better shape? I started to say it would be spring because they've been laid up all winter, but then they're half-starved and hungry so maybe not. Maybe it's the fall when they're stocking up for winter. See, I had absolutely nothing to add to this discussion. :rolleyes:
Spring time usually has a better hides, before they start rubbing. I like late fall when the weather is colder and the bears are fatter, plus none of that "down hair" like what you find alot on the spring bears. I think hunting them in the spring is much easier.
I'm sure the seasons are the same down there as up here.
Thanks for the info. I am just thinking ahead incase we ge skucked on the draw. It would be fun to do a possible deer/bear combo.

It sounds like it would be possible in the fall.
If I'm not mistaken, I think in certain units in ID you can use your deer tag for a bear. Right?
I read that somewhere, that's what gave me the idea. I believe you could also purchase a second tag.

However, I have no idea if that area is worth messing with. It's a long drive to ID from TX for a so-so hunt.

It would be nice to hunt two species at the same time though.
I heard (and posted):

The nonresident deer tag now can be used to kill either a deer, a bear, or a mountain lion, and if you use it, and still want to hunt more, you can even buy a second nonresident deer tag. (that was in last years hunting regulations, I just found it highlighted when I was checking on the spring hunt seasons)

This deal is good for the entire state as far as I know. There are also areas were you can shoot two bears on a tag, but I'm not familiar with which ones or the country there in.
DALE.. speaking of Driving a long ways for nothing... HOWed your Wyoming hunt go ;) MY point is, Hunting is hunting bud, NO guarentees :D

GET this, some units in Idhao you can buy 2 bear tags, and 2 deer tags, they say you can use a deer tag for a bear tag.. does this mean you can get 3 bear a year in these units ?!?!?!? HUmmmmm

Bear sounds easy but more people buy a tag and hunt them during deer season or elk season. or GEt dogs or bait specifically for them... I'll show you what A spring bear looks like in about a month :D :D
You'd better be willing him TWO spring bears!!! :D

Let me know if you guys need any help or when you are planning the overnight weekend thing I'd like to come up.
Jason, I hope there are some bears left in the area by the time you get to the Selway. I understand two pro bear hunters are going in right before you. :rolleyes: I will leave you a beer at the end of the runway, under a rock so the bears won't find it.
"coors light" should do the trick!
Good Luck Jason

North Idaho "MuleyAssassin"
Yes, a bear, a deer, or a mountain lion, the deer tag is good for any of those, but just one in north Idaho where I have hunted.

This is going to get interesting with two Tom's on here.
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