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Mar 25, 2001
Northwestern PA
Every year I "try" to involve a new hunter into our sport. Last year "Nut" deer hunted with me and he managed to kill a couple of deer. I think he enjoyed himself.

This year I have located an elderly individual (who is also handicapped, uses a wheelcahir) to hunt with me. I enjoy the thrill obtained when a new hunter makes his first killing shot. Fortunately we have more deer here then anyplace I have ever seen or hunted.

This other person is able to climb, all be it slowly, with assistance, so I will get him UP and into one of our elevated deer stands. He has already been to the farm and has seen the abundance of deer. He is excited and I am excited for him.

I wish everybody a successfull hunt,

Good on ya Shaky!

Hey, can the wheelchair guy drive a car?......if so, He probably has a great chance at his first deer on the roads!....I hear Pa has the highest car/deer fatality in the country! :eek:

He has a truck that is rigged with steering and brake and gas devices whereby he uses his hands. His one leg is paralized (has a metal brace on it, right leg) and the other leg is fine. So he can walk, to a degree with a cane. He suffered a heart attack some years back. I have shot skeet with him for years, before he had his heart attack. He has never deer hunted before but was an avid upland bird hunter. He was equally good at trap as he was at skeet and we used to shoot a lot of Sporting Clays together. He is a long time friend that was not willing to try deer hunting but I have sort of talked him into it. I think/hope it will do him good.

As to the road killed deer. This time of year and for the next couple of months it will be next to imposible to drive 10 miles of any road without seeing a dead, splatered deer. I could be mistaken but I seem to recal that around 60,000 deer a year are killed on Pennsylvania highways.

I have personally hit deer with my truck but never hard enough to do any appreciable damage to my truck or the deer.

It is amazing how a 150lb doe can damage a 6,000lb truck. I have seen vehicles totaled after hitting a deer.

Have a good one,

Yep I had great fun and experiences hunting in Pa with Don (and Dave). :cool: I will never forget what I learned about rifles and hunting from Don.

I am also excited for your friend Don. He will see deer(and some orange)

Which stand do you think he will use? If he ends up in the one I was in advise him to also watch behind the stand toward the road. That is where the spike came from that I got.

I will be in the stand you were in last year. I am helping my buddy in my stand (the one I was in last year). The 2 smaller stands really aren't large enough for me to help him get in them.

Shaky, that is really special what you are doing. I commend you for having the desire to seek out new hunters every year, whether they have limitqations or not :cool:

On the "limitations" part, it may be a "bird of a feather" doing there, not really sure. I have some physical limitations and "maybe" I seek out others that have some sort of physical limitations. Afterall NUT went with us last year, LMAO, sorry Fred, it was there, I had to :D

I just like to see the thrill of a new hunter, the look in their eyes when they make that first kill. We are fortunate in that we have so many deer around. Anybody that deer hunts with us WILL have an opportunity at killing a deer. Obviously if they can't shoot well, thats their problem but the opportunity will present itself, sooner or later. That I am sure of.

I look at it this way. I am sure a lot of you took a kid fishing at one point. We all know young kids don't have a long attention span. The sooner you can get that young un to catch a fish the more he/she will be interested in fishing and the outdoors. I feel the same way about introducing a new deer hunter to our sport. I KNOW there are plenty of deer on the farm and I KNOW that the new deer hunter will have an opportunity to kill a deer, providing they sit quietly in one of our stands. This "first" time deer hunt is critical, I think. If they are successfull then in my mind they will continue - no different then that young un catching that first fish in a short period of time.

Once that young un catches that first fish, they are hooked. No different then that first time deer hunter conecting on his/her first deer.

I have the opportunity of killing many deer per year. For me it is more about the excitement of others.

Plus I make new freinds that way and we can all use more freinds, can't we?

If I had the financial resources, which I don't, this would be my dream. I would build a small, comfy log cabin. Invite new and or physically challenged hunters to hunt. Put them up at the cabin, fully inclusive. Help them overcome their physical limitations. Do what I can to ensure they have a successfull hunt - and that may not always mean killing a deer. Enjoy newfound freindships and sharing in their memories.

Did I hit the lottery yet?

Have a good one,

Shaky, I know what you mean bythe expresion on their face. I have seen that look on hunters that I have helped elk hunting and deer hunting. The look is all you need for a satifying reward. Keep it up Don. That is very nice of you.
Shaky,that's great.
Sometime's I wonder who has the best time,the new hunter or the one's that get to help and watch.
I think you hit the nail on the head about getting these kid's or new hunters into game right away,making it fun keeping there attention.
Way to go.
:cool: :cool:
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