In 9 days...


Jan 21, 2001
Wyoming MI, USA
I'll be heading to AZ in search of my first, possibly my only bow kill elk. I have been fortunate to draw a tag for a cow elk in unit 6A. i knw some of you are saying, "It's only a cow" but you must understand, I've only seen elk from a couple hundred yards away in the wild. I've been peeking around in here trying to figure out what's to be expected, what to do, and just plain ol getting HYPED! I can't wait! Everyone will be sure to know if I get one, just listen carefully for my hell yeah call traveling through Arizonas wilderness to areas never mapped on the other side of the globe! Anyhow, I'm off to have pleasant dreams full of elk standing broadside. Maby come a little over a week from now I wont wake up before my arrow sails!

Happy hunting,
These next 9 days will go by quickly for you DGF. Good luck on your hunt and return with plenty of pictures and tall tales. Don't forget to have your picture taken with your Hunt Talk hat or apparel for a chane at some of the money Moosie is giving away.
That's awesome DGF, any bow kill is something to be proud of!!! I still have to wait 28 more days until I can chase elk. :( :(
Did I say 9? My fault.... It's now less than two days till take off. The hunting clothes have been washed in scent shield and are sitting pretty in their plastic bag awaiting blood spots. Damn I'm HYPED! Is it this exciting getting ready for every elk hunt or am I just a bit phyco?

P.S. Due to my level of inexperience I will not be using throwing stars, swords, numchucks or anyhthing of that nature. I'm going old school bow and arrow.
Damn DGF, you are lucky man!! Go get that elk!! Don't worry, you aren't are normal by HuntTalk standards. :D :D I have 21 more days until I can chase them. Good luck, bring back some good hunting stories!!
DGF .. KUDOS to ya drawing again !!! MAN, If you're not hyped when you're going hunting UNPACK your CHIT and leave it at home !!! THERE is nothing like hunting.. wheather it's a 7x7 bull or a cow elk.... MAN, the rush is ALWAYS there with me !!!

I'm hoping for the best for ya man !!!! I'm sure glad you drew instead of me, I'm more getting more and more and more excited everyday jsut thinking about gonig hunting.... I love it with my whole heart (INCLUDING MY... HEHE)...

GOOD cal lon not using the Chineese throwing stars. They take a bit mor epractice then the Old schjool bow. Although bow hunting for anything is tough.... except them Eastern Whitetails.. I hear they are like shooting fish in a bucket :D :D

ANYWAYS, HOPE you read this and know we're thinknig of ya !! WHAT day you coming back ? I hope your back before I go afield kid, I want to hear how ya did !!!! MAKE sure you take lots of pictures !! Even if ya don't score !!! It's all about the memories .

DANG, SEEING you this hyped makes me HYPED too... SO, If you think it's just you Phyco... Don't worry bud, I'm theree with ya !!!

GOOD luck and hope you do well... ANYONE else hunting in your party too ? or is it just you ?
Moosie, my parents will be going but stopping short at Vegas, some other gambling place and Bullhead City, while I continue on hunting. I will be hunting with my cousion who is a couple years younger than I, my uncle, and some of the guys that shoot at the archery shop they work at. Last I heard one guy whome didn't draw a tag decided he still liked to listen to stories, BS, and cook... Did I ever let you know I like food? He's going to be sorry he ever took on the cooking task when me and my cousion sit side by side with plates in hand.

Last year while out there I didn't even go hunting and took out 2 rattlers, a scorpion (took one home alive whome is still kicking in his aquarium), and a cottontail.

I'll be sure to get some pics and post them when I get them developed and I'm sure I'll have stories to tell, hopefully they'll even include elk!?!?!? I don't have any hunt talk wear but I'll be sure to write on a shirt in magic marker if I bag an Elk for the camera.

Later Days Fellas!

~Dan~ :D
Give me a call when your in town. I will try to make it up there to say HI..... Maybe do a little bass fishing when your done hunting....
DGF, I know your going to have a ball. Let me tell ya, when ya finally see one of them things up close...they are huge. When I saw my first wild elk up close last year I though it was a brown truck with legs!
What to expect ? since you have a cow tag, first thing opening morning a 7X7 is going to walk right past you....have your camera ready !
Good luck...elk is mighty tasty.
14 hours till take off...

Almost everything is packed and ready to go. I just got done with my last date with the girlfriend and her dad is going to be pissed if I don't get an elk... He likes me, but he really likes wild game meat.

I probably wont be on again so later days all and wish me luck!

Delw, I have your number written down and will probably give you a buzz while there. I'm not sure exactly where we'll be but I'll probably get it all figured out as time goes on!

Good Luck to you, We'll be waiting for picture's

Have fun kiddo

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