IL. Slug season


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Sep 6, 2001
central Illinois
I got skunked (sort of)

Fri. started out pretty uneventful for me, I didn't see much movement but heard a lot of shots. Fri. eve. saw a lot of does but only one small buck. Sat morning I saw the big boy I had been looking for but he stayed too far out for my slug gun. Sta. evening my buddy I hunt with brought his 10 yr. old son with him and hunted about 100 yds down from me. I had a real nice eight point come right under the stand but passed on it so he could take it while his son was with him.( besides he has never taken one that big) After he shot it his boy jumped up and yelled

"did you see that"

I could hear him from my stand and almost fell out laughing. Ended up being a very nice buck with about an eighteen inch inside spread and tall tines.
Saw lots of deer Sun. but not the big boy anymore so I guess I will have to wait untill second season.
Well thats my tale for now.
Thanks for the praise guys, but y'all ought to know if it had been the big boy he woulda had to get another one :D . I was real happy to see him get it with his boy there though.

The boy is for sure hooked. He jumped right in with the guttin and cleanin and everything, then was ready to go get anouther one.

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