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Sep 8, 2011
Mr. Steve: I 've only been to Omaha once, when my daughter graduated from Creighton U. with a nursing degree and U.S. Army commission. Everyone I came across in Omaha treated us well, and I was impressed.

With your desire to move to Alaska you need to answer a lot of questions: How old are you? Do you have a job lined up, or job possibilies? How about your wife? Is she a professional? What are her options and desire?

A bit of personal history--I lived in Juneau for three years and three months (1983-86) and HATED it! Alaska is a land of extremes--eternal light and eternal darkness, bugs, rain, cold...vast expanses of wilderness country. Lots of good and bad. Most Alaska villages are chit-holes, mud streets, etc. Anchorage is a fairly big city with all the associate problems. Fairbanks is so cold in the winter that it is incomprensible to most "lower 48s." Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan and every town on the Kenai Peninsula gets way more rain than what most people would like.

However, some people love living in Alaska and wouldn't live anywhere else. For a young guy who is making a good income, you can do a lot of hunting and fishing. But if you are just "getting by" you will be disappointed. My wife lived there for nine years (Juneau) and loved it. We moved to Montana in 1986 because I simply couldn't deal with living in the goddamned place. I've made ten major hunts in Alaska, and fished there many times. I enjoy visiting there,but I always have come back to Montana. My point is that everyone if different. Before you move to Alaska, you better make sure you have a good income as everything is very expensive, and if your wife doesn't like it, your marriage will be doomed!

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Apr 6, 2012
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Hey Steve...I have to agree with a lot of what Zulu says and would think long and hard about it,. I am lucky to have the wife I do and like Zulu when some of my friends are thinking about hunting she is helping me pack. Just remember that once you slip that finger noose on her hand a lot is gonna change if it hasnt already. You better make sure she is on point with your hunting or you wont have a dime to spend on a hunting trip because you will be paying a divorce lawyer.....:cool: