Idaho Hunts are out. Look on line

I just checked the I. F. & G. site and I and my two buds got lucky! We put in as a "party of three," and were drawn for bull elk over in 37A, Pahsimeroi River area. There are some really good bulls over there.

Several scouting trips are in order!

Good luck to all.
Way to go leanwolf.
I love that area.
We put in for antelope ,but didnt draw this year.
We will be bow hunting the general archery season in the lemhi Zone sometime in sept.
We have seen some nice bull's over there.
Best of luck to you guy's.
I drew Cow Elk, and deer tags!! pretty excited I can't wait!! Michael only drew deer!!
I sure wish I would have applied for a controlled hunt in Idaho this year. I could have been happy like the rest of you. Oh well, I can't complain, I have my over the counter deer tag and over the counter elk tag so I shouldn't be mad. Also I'm praying for Lady Wyoming to give me a tag. Congrats to all of you who draw and for those of you who didn't, hopefully next year will be the lucky one for you.
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