ID Motorized Restriction Unit


Sep 27, 2020
Hey guys,

I had the the good fortune of drawing a tag in a Idaho limited entry unit with motorized restriction.

Couple questions I was hoping for clarification on:

1) Is there a map source that would be a good investment, or is the BLM/USFS signage pretty self explanatory?

2) Does ID have an ATV sticker or stamp I would need to purchase in advance?

Thanks in advance and good luck this fall.
You need to buy an atv sticker. Depending on where you’re at there might be some signs or not. Also depends on location if anyone on an atv pays attention to road restrictions lol. I would get a map and a sticker
For USFS, find the most recent MVUM (Motor Vehicle Use Map). Google the US forest and MVUM. (Some forests may have multiple maps due to size)

MVUM's are also downloadable via Avenza (Free) so you can have them on your phone.
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