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I screwed up


New member
Nov 28, 2001
somewhere other than AZ :(
Funter and I were driving to look for some coyotes and when we passed a bunch of trees along hwy 93 going north he looked over and told me he saw some deer with a really nice buck.
I turned the truck around and went back and sure enough there about 5 yds off the road was 5 does and one really big desert buck.
I got out my video camera and the battery was dead :rolleyes:
Well, by the time we got the batteries switch they were on their way out and did not get any pictures. :(
Just goes to show you that you should be prepared for anything.
By the way it looked like a 2x3 but was 20-24" wide and 2.5-3' tall with long points.
Out in the flat lands of the desert in the tall mesquite trees.
Go figure they were eating the forbs by the side of the road @ 8 am.
Oh well, better luck next time and the batteries are charged.