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I need to start re-loading, where do I start?


Dec 13, 2000
Around the corner ,Indiana
With the 280 Ackley that dan is building for me and the two 7mm's and the 280 rem that I have I need to start hand loading.

So what do I need to buy? If you could give me a item and the best maker of that Item I would appreciate it.

Also what book would you suggest to read for the info?

Jason... Thats a good deal as long as they are in both good shape.. I have one I will give you but dont have an extra powder measure....

If you have the money I would go with a dillion there rifle one with a set of dies plates and powder mesures for each cal.. makes it fast setting up..
However you dont have to do it that way you can interchange the powder measurer's and it will sav you around 50-60 bucks per cal... I might even have some dies plates for the dillion that I dont use.
Otherwise try to get and old rockchucker in my opinion They are the best... for the primers if you dont get the dillion get a lee priming tool makes it faster and 10 time easier..

You will need a scale I prefer electronic..
nosler's book is real good and so are po ackley books if you can find them. I have a set and could make you a copy of your cals...

Like I said if you have the money and plan on shooting abit go with the dillion..

Having said that I still use my rockchucker for loading my 300 winmag stuff its slow but I do it this way...

First - buy a reloading manual. Nosler, Speer, Lyman, Hornady...they are all good. Read and understand the process first. Then, if you can find a good deal on used stuff, buy it. Otherwise, pick up a RockChucker starter package. There are several websites that sell them.
If I was loading a mass quantity all the time, I'd get a pregressive. As a beginner, a progressive press just might mean that you load up a whole lot of incorrect ammo... ;) But I use my old CH single stage press, and keep a few thousand rounds loaded up.
Both Delw & Calif.Hunter are giving you good advise. To start with, get a good loading manual. I like Hornady & Nosler the best.
The Lyman Mag-T is a good press, as is the RCBS. If & when you really want to get seirous, a Dillion progressive is the way to go. The single stage presses will load maby 20 or 30 rounds an hour, a good progressive can crank out 200 to 300 per hour. Check out Dillions web site & requset a catalog.
The're very nice people and will be glad to help. I think they have a starter set up that can be up-graded to a progressive later if you want.

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Jason, I would recommend that you buy two books to start with. The Lyman reloading manual and the PO Ackley Handbook for Shooters and Reloaders. Read the intro sections of both manuals. They will tell you virtually everything you need to know or find out about before you start reloading. Things like pressure signs, burning rates, bullet configuration, and care and feeding of reloading dies and equipment. Then find someone in your area that has been loading for a while and partner up with them. Trying to teach yourself is as difficult as learning from books.

Besides a press, powder measure and scale, you will need a lube pad, chamfer tool, caliper, case trimmer, primer pocket cleaner, tumbler for cleaning brass and some patience for the process.

I'll send some ideas when I send the gun back. :cool:
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