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Dec 11, 2000
Im not sure what to do ----Steve and our son both drew a moose tag in unit 69-2 (Idaho),we are taking 9 days off leaving the 24th of sept.
The guy's have only seen the area once and I have never been there .
Can anyone tell me anything about the unit as far as elk ,deer or goes?
Im not sure if I should think about bow hunting there or wait and hunt later and hunt with my rifle closer to home.
I had someone tell me that it isnt good for elk or deer untill much later.
I agreed to give up some of my hunting if they drew a moose tag LOL but I didn't expect them to draw there first time putting in ,so here I am not sure if I should just suck it up and go along as help or think about hunting on my own some of the day's we are there.
Anything anyone can tell me about the area would be great.
from ESPN. "its full of animals, unit 69" see below.

Unit 69 scoop

Unit 69 holds a good number of scattered populations of elk and also offers good deer hunting. Private land is the issue here.

"Some of the best elk and deer hunting in the region is in this unit, but a good amount of it is privately owned," said Thomas.

"You'll really have to look at a topo map for access into some of this unit or ask ranchers and farmers for permission to get in."

Mike Camacho of Pocatello has had very good success hunting the Blackfoot River in the early-morning hours as scattered herds of elk are watering down low.

The herds come down from Mount Putnam on the Fort Hall Indian reservation and head into legal shooting areas near or on the Blackfoot river.

"It's not unusual to catch bulls in pockets of aspen and sage brush along the canyons of the river system," Camacho said.

I've dropped a 5 and a 4-point bull at the water's edge in the early morning hours in consecutive seasons.

Brush Creek is also a good bet just north of Morgan Bridge on the river.

This draw leads directly to the Blackfoot Mountains in the north and has pockets of dark timber and some aspen.

Elk and deer both frequent this area, and some dandy bucks have been pulled out of this area in the past.

The creek is a good water source as it's always full during the early and late fall season.

Even though hunters do see elk from their vehicles, you have to get out and hunt the river's canyons and draws to increase your odds.

I've hunted this area in the past and jumped a large 4-point buck in the 30-inch range.

I've been surrounded by does in the draws that hold timber. Area 69 is also open to doe hunting for juveniles during the rifle season.

This is a top area to help your kid fill their tag.

"Quite frankly, units 69 and 66 are loaded with animals," said Thomas.

"Elk, deer, bear and lions are roaming the woods in healthy numbers. This is the summer range for southeast Idaho elk and has a few large mountain bucks thrown into the mix."

"You can't really go wrong here if you get into the backcountry and off the roads."

"The bulls will come in to calls during the rut, and taking a cow during the bow season is not difficult for hunters if they do there homework and pre-scout."
Even though hunters do see elk from their vehicles, you have to get out and hunt the river's canyons and draws to increase your odds.
This should get some of the crew going. :D :D

Go for it MD, nothing to lose and all to gain. ;)
I think that Skyline ridge is in your area and brockman area, you can see these areas with a Idaho gazatter you will not be alone , but there are plenty of animals as always it helps to get off the roads , most people that say or do get off the road barely lose sight of it ( the road)so most of the animals are really not that far off the road .

Unit 69 has some great early season deer. I'm sure there are some elk in there, but most of them moved in later in the year.
Thanks guys,the area they drew the moose tag in is 69-2 around Tex Creek WMA .
So I wont have access to the whole unit.
I have been reading everything I can find online & checking out the map's and info. Steve has gathered ,and I called Fish & Game in that area to get some more detailed info.

Idaho_smiley,skyline and brockman are in there area.
But this is there moose hunt ,and I was hoping to sneek in some hunting on my own if it looked like I could without screwing up there hunt.
I know they have a few area's picked out to start in ,Red Granary,Antelope Creek & the area's around there.
I think with everything I have heard I will wait on picking my Elk Zone and hope to get in some deer hunting.
We have more time off,but alot depend's on this moose hunt as to what I will be doing.

T Bone, that is what I have heard, good early season deer depending on where in the unit you are hunting .I dont know if we will be going back during the later season when the elk start moving in good.

I will be going more for an extra set of eye's behind the bino's and a pack frame LOL but it doesn't hurt to think about trying to worm in some hunting for myself .
Thanks for the help guy's.
You might try Daves mountain, I hope thats what it is called on a map, there is always a good bull or two around the northwest side also the Meadow creek area.
Just wanted to say Thank You to you guy's for the info.
We got a call last night that a friend shot a 40inch moose in the unit that borders the one we will be hunting .
Needless to say they are fired up and ready to go.

My plan's have changed some, Cody (our 4 yr. old grandson )is going along on the hunt.
Due to X-wife problem's :( Our son didnt feel good about Cody staying there for that long with no one else around.
So the little chit is going on a moose hunt. LOL
which translates to (grandma is going to hang out with Cody close to camp).

I am still taking my bow just in case LOL.
Heck, I read about a guy here who shot a moose 600 yards from camp last year. He's kind of a Moosie guy though. haha I bet 4 yr old Cody could pack out maybe 1/2 a backstrap if you found a pack for him and went slow. He could carry dinner back to camp!
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