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I messed up!


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Dec 12, 2000
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Its only funny until someone gets busted and they lose their moderator status.

Now you have absolutely no credibility around here. None. Zip. Nada.

Definately thumbs down!


VEGETARIAN: Indian word meaning 'Bad Hunter'
BCA-The only thing I admire is the fact that you were man enuff to admit to doing wrong. Trying to make it look like it was my fault tho aint gonna cut it. That aint the firsrt time you bent the truth a little and if youre wanting to stay here I personally dont care, but I will be watching ya.bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes
Bearcreek,Like I said in another spot.I will be needing more info before I jump on the wagon and drag you with the other's.Why was that post of your's getting deleted? I haven't been here very long compared to the other's but I do see some kind of a pattern going on.Thank's for standing up and tring to tell us your side of thing's.

You need more info????
He did the worse thing in the world on a internet hunting forum.......he took his credablity away from himself.
Like I said before if i didnt think that the majority of people on here were honest I wouldnt give this forum or any other forum my time.
This really makes me sad too bcause i enjoyed seeing his pics and reading his stories just like I do everyone elses.

But the other side of this makes me mad as hell to think that this clown was probably just trying to sell us hunts, so he had to comite internet fraud on our board!!!!!

I would say that its time for you to beat feet,but It doesnt matter what I think either because I do not own this site.............

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I'm not sure what all was going on here, but I have scensed lots of tension between bcat and BCA for along time.. Its hard to draw jdgements when some of the stuff is going on privatley, The way I see it BCA was trying to drum up business, nothing wrong with that as long as you are honest, sadly he wasn't. I am not going to claim to know half of what went on but,in BCAs appology he is STILL trying throw the blame at bcat. I hate to say it but this is exacly why you hear about unethical outfitters, bringing himself to this forum as an outfitter, he should have clung to a higher standard. Good eye bcat..
Josh, you make a good point in saying that you don't know everything that went on.It seem's that none of us do and that's the problem here.Before we go kicking someone off and making harsh judgement's against other's let's get all the fact's.Not just the one side.Are you not curious as to why BCA post got deleted in the first place(as this is what brought this on)When BCA edited B'cats post and was asked why he did it he came online and told us all why.I get the feeling that we are only being shown one side of this.Fair is fair if it was you that got taken wrong wouldn't you like to be treated fairly and have all the fact's presented.I like to make up my own mind on thing's and not feel like Im being hand fed.Put another way--If your chicken coop is being raided and you shot the first dog you see (how can you be sure you got the right dog) Sometime's you have to wait and see and have all the fact's.

Debbie, you seem to be ignoring the fact that someone who is both a forum moderator AND an outfitter came online to our forum and willingly and purposely deceived us with childish games.

Why are you so hell-bent on defending him?

It should be quite obvious that bcat was correct in smelling BS and in more than one way. It should also be obvious that the forum administrators felt the same way about his actions, so why don't you quiet down and trust everyones elses judgement..... O.K.?

Enough now! Continue this discussion via e-mail if you want to debate the merit of what has happened.


VEGETARIAN: Indian word meaning 'Bad Hunter'
what because someone is a moderator and outfitter they are perfect?! i don't think so. how exactly did he decieve you and what exactly do he take from all of you that is SO bad! it's not like he raped your dog or stole your horse!!! give me a break!!!
obviously theres more to this than meets the eye, but its not that he told a lie, but his actions were premeditated and the whole thing was staged for his personal benefit.we all enjoyed the stories and the pics but now what do we believe????? he deserves credit for being a man and admitting it, but that still doesnt change what he did! if he had problems with another moderator than he should of consulted Oscar instead of trying to deceive us and discredit someone else! hes not being banned hes just losing his "moderator PRIVILEGE" and id say hes done enough for his own credibility!! JMHO

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Bcat is right guys, I made a mistake and I feel terrible for it. One of my posts in the hound section kept getting deleted so I posted a fake post after it to lock it in. I should not have done it and I am sorry. To all of you that have supported me on this forum, thanks and I'm sorry I let you down. Looks like Bcat gets his way, I won't be on here much anymore. Thanks and good luck with your hunts.


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i'm not interested in beating a dead horse but I do want to clarify a few things,
First "looks like bcat gets his way" thats one he11 of a way to apologize, its nothing more than an attempt to "muddy the water".

califoniacoyotes, I am sorry if my point was unclear, no I do not believe outfitters are better than the rest of us, BUT they ARE professionals and shold conduct themselves as such. Unless of course, you are one who belives Clinton is also "only human" and should not be held to a higher standard...
If you will rearead my post to BCA, I edited one of his posts that was getting confrotational, and I deleted two of them , the exact same posts!!!!! Justin had replied to me on one of BCA's posts, and BCA jumped right in and two times tied to say that Justin was repllying to him and not me. It was not a typo and was aimed at discrediting me, which he has tried to do all along. He got a few followers, that didnt know any better, and believed every word that came out of his mouth. Calif Coyote, You are not an oldtimer here , and its not possible for you to know all that went on. All I am saying is that like DKO said, or Josh, Outfitters should be above board, tell the truth in their stories, as this is why the outfitting industry is so disliked in many states. I have an obligation to do what I can do keep a half assed reputation for the industry and myself. You dont see COLO ELK GUIDE doing this sort of thing and just trying to sell hunts. I detected a certain amount of desperation in this guys posts, as far as selling hunts. The minute somebody posted and expressed any kind of intrest in hunting lions he was all over it like ugly on ape! I dont want to run the guy in the ground and hopefully he will learn from his mistakes. He is young, and he will learn or he will fold. I too enjoyed his pictures and some of his stories, and I might have even let it slide, had he not treid to still put the blame on me. I may or may not have been right for deleteing his post, as he may or may not have been right in deleting mine. All the input I got from that was that was in my favor. Anyhow to resort to total falsinfication, and then still try to lie out of it saying this fictional ADVGUY would be back posting HAW HAW HAW and carrying on a conversation with himself to impress someone that he was booking clients left and right is wrong. I have picked up three or four clients total from the internet so far in a years time. I dont try to push it, and if people want to check me out they are more than welcome to do so. I am not on trial here and have maintained a certain amount of respect here from telling it like it is and calling BS when it is apparent that its not true. I am not always right but I was on this one!!!!!!! Lets let a dead horse lie and go on and talk hunting. If he returns you'll just have to decide for yourself if hes telling the truth when he tells a story or posts anything! I can only decide for myself as the rest of you have to decide for yourself. We all make decisions and we have to live with them. I think he made his! bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes
it's pretty interesting how you bring up politics here. this board is looking more and more cliquish. it seems you all have to have some one to gang up on, last week it was the canuck this week you all blow up BCA. who cares what he did or said! do you really think he is going to see a financial gain from guiding nobody?! and as far as clinton is concerned, we have paid with our tax dollars to find out exactly what? that the president is a whore? i think our money should go to alot more important things like our public schools so my kids actually get an education and the teachers get a real wage!!! BCA is no president...but i guess he does have "the right stuff" for the job.
bcat you're right i'm not old timer here but i have gone back and read the posts. i'm not here trying to stir the pot or take sides, but come on take things with a grain of salt. like you said you have only picked up a handful of clients here on the web, so how many came from new mexico where BCA is from? my point is the web is a small meduim, we are not going to get rich by relying on just the web. there is enough lions,people and places to go long as a REAL client is willing to pay. i'm not looking to have the last word but geez, enough already.

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Yooper, as far as calling BS goes , my dad always said " A dog smells his own shit first!" Why should we jump on your hanging party band wagon. Are you going to bcats for the gathering? If the answer is yes , then I can see why you would take sides so easily. What the guy did was NOT that big of a deal.No one should have been messing with his posts in the first place. I think the censorship is getting a little out of hand around here. If I don't post to the MOD's liking then he can just go in and change my words around? We already have one BIG BROTHER watching our every move!!!!!! Do we need another? TF
Let me say this one more time before I have to leave for the week to go to work......

Would anyone come to this site if everyone was lying?????

I will jump on any lynching wagon for anyone trying to decieve a hunter.

To you guys who dont understand, then so be it!

Does this mean that its ok for you guys to tell lies in your everyday life?

I can tell you that I dont and wont do it on here either!

I'm done see you all saturday
All you fellas are doing here is beating BCA up! It brings the thread to the top every time! Leave it alone! He feels bad enuff! If ya cant move on to another subject, and let it work itself out, and keep trying to justify deception, you will all be in the same class a BCA! Did ya vote for klinton too? Just wondering! Nothing political here he just screwed up and then tried to cover it up and then tried to blame me for his deception! Get off it and move on will ya! If ya dont like the way the forum is run get ahold of Moosie or Chambo. If ya dont like reading or posting here go somewhere else. This isnt the first deception to happen by this poster but I hope its the last. There are plenty of lion hunters to go around and plenty of clients, that is NOT the issue! DECEPTION is the issue and if you choose hunt with him I dont care, its not my problem so why keep beating him up by bringing the post to the top. Its not hurting me. I wasnt the one that purgered myself here!!!!! For whatever reason it was wrong, and if we aint honest with one another what do we have? Answer that one???????????? This forum would fold if we allowed this kind of thing to happen. It would be an open door to illegal outfitters and shabby ones to rip people off! I say leave it alone and if ya dont like me I dont care. Dont answer my posts or move on to a new talk forum. Theres no way 200 plus peole are going to agree all the time. There is just a handful here 3 or 4 that have siad anything against what has happened. I suggest to you (3 or 4) to can it or find a new forum. Should we trust you. I didnt trust Gore any more than Klinton!!! Guilt by association thats where its at. Theres one guilty party here and it aint me! Let it alone already!!!! bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes
Why is it that if one guy tells a lie we are all liars? How did he lie? Maybe he was just giving bcat somthing to do in his spare time. You can't validate everything on this site. You can read and believe anything you want. I wish I was as perfect as you guys that have never told a lie. By hanging the guy for something as petty as this is ridiculous , and tell everyone that we have to see it your way is even more ridiculous.Some of you claim to be religous, but I call BS. What happened to forgiving. The guy admitted his mistake.He may not have sucked up as much as you all would like but BCA has not lost all credibility in my eyes.
Start editing everyones posts on here and just see what kinda crap people will drum up to try and get back at ya or under your skin. Bcat didn't like it when BCA messed with his post(if he ever did, I did not see any of that) why would he think BCA would like it.
I don't reply all that much on here but I do read almost everything, and the big brother crap has got to go. TF
Is this a court of law? Purgered??? Did we all sign an oath to come on this site and never tell a lie?
Why should we just drop it? Is your word the law?

I been watching and thought I would let some opinions be raised here.

I would be much happier if this subject kind of slid down the page.

BCA is totally aware of what he has done and doesn't need reminding, he has also admitted what he has done and apologized for it.

I am sure we can find better topics to discuss,at this time.

I am asking that we get this off the front burner for now,please.



Why not just delete them and start locking the posts. That seems to be the acceptable norm here as of late. We all may not like to see this but I think if there are some rules about what and whatnot can be said on this forum they need to be stated now. I am tired of people offering there suggestions of what they think I should be thinking or doing. Some of the suggestions almost sound like threats, I am not reffering to your suggestion. But I am reffering to the one about canning it or move on. It's bcats way or the highway and I for one will not bow down so easily. Sorry but I have opinions too. TF
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