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Dec 21, 2000
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Well, after hounding moosie for the last couple weeks about how and where they hunted in Montana, I finally found out the secret to success. Turns out it didn't have ANYTHING to do with where they hunt, or even how hard they hunt. Turns out this is the same secret that FGH uses to kill his big bulls too! I haven't heard if Raybow uses this tactic, but I have to assume he does. You can laugh, but the pictures of these guys trophies are evidence enough for me

When I saw this advertised on the outdoor channel the first time I laughed, the second time, I listened to the add and now when I see the add I simply shake my head in amazement. IF you are not familiar with this product, just watch the outdoor channel for an hour and you will see it advertised.


Thanks to Moosie spilling his guts, now we can all come home with 300+ bulls!! :eek:
I carry two on me. I stick one up my ass and have one in my mouth. This way I can cough and drop ass silently all day. But the problem is I get them mixed up sometimes. I would suggest marking both of your cough mufflers so you don't have a bad experience and have to learn the hard way too.
Just don't tell Greeny I tld the secret, He thinks He can Trust me ;) ALSO, he likes to hunt MAMOTH.. OOOPS.. did I give that secret out too.... We'll see you all ther next year I guess
http://www.coughsilencer.com/ $20.

I think they're more important for deer, where its more important to be quite, or for bow hunting, where it might not even be good enough.

Maybe Yetty puts them back to back then and its real quite? Maybe he puts one at both ends? What's the secret with two? Oh, yeah, one at both ends, good idea. If there was a way to load them back to back, you quiet down about anything from either end. They need an attachment for that.

I think its a good gadget for somebody with a chronic cough or for somebody who has a cold and has to hunt then, because it was a long trip that was preplaned or because they have a short season.

Do they demo them there on the show?

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Well I'll be, I was just joking about Gay Hunters post, then yetty comes on and talks about sticking cough mufflers up his ass? Oh My!
Moosie...the cough muffler I'll buy, but not hunting Mamoth....I've hunted it, and the hunting sux there! :rolleyes:
Right on Ray! All Fugging Rat Bastards Must Fugging Die!!!!

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Ernie....I have to tell you....your last post offended the hell out of me! I come here for enjoyment, and many times gather around with small children to view these posts. And sometimes, after Sunday School, my pastor likes to sit here with me a surf the site. What if they had seen your last post!?! What would they have thought! :mad:

I must say I am appalled, and would ask that a Moderator get over here a clean this up.
Andhopefully it wil ea Moderator who himself hasnot posted smut withingthe last 24 hours.... :rolleyes:
..and Moosie, how can a guy loose humor in just a couple of posts!? ;)

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SHUSHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! IT! Great; now everyone will get one. Way to go Earnie. ;)

Truthfully I just sleep with all his bitches when he aint lookin. That way they let me kill the Rat Bastard.

Have a Coke and a smile. What is everyone so worked up about all a sudden on this site? Someone made a funny comment (that was not at all offensive) and now you guys sound like the bone smokers on bowsite/huntinfo. Lets leave the women and children out of this and get back to why this site is so much fun and start making funny of Moosie and his gay pants again.
thats what crowd control looks like sometimes yetti.... I pull my big stick out, hit everyone, then ...... Uhhh DID I say pull my big stick out ?!?!? :eek: :eek:

And what the hell about my pants ?!?!? The joking was all fun... but do you really not like them ? Becasue I'm sensitive and Fuggin Cry easy :( :( Say you're sorry and sing Kumbiaaa ;)

I looked on Ebay under FARTING and found some cool PULL my finger crap !! I could use all those around the house... MAtter of fact, I need to cancel a few.... Wife going to wonder why I spend $6,460.89 on Farting Gag Gifts from Ebay......
Ditto what Yetty says. Just so everyone knows, FGH is a laid back guy and his sense of humor is definitely not broken, he appreciated a good joke at his expense. Of course the Yetty just plain deserves it. And there is some anonymous a-hole out there (Ridgetop?) who is messed up.

Also, since i live in the same town I found this guy named GayHunter and I kicked his as.. i mean behind (for the kids). he was a total Woosie!

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Moosie......I don't think you can say "big stick" in that context, but I'll check the Mod's handbook to make sure. ;)

Exactly Yetti....
I didn't get worked up, just didn't find what FGH said to be all that offensive, especially enlight of what he was RESPONDING too. I know I have posted worse,..but then, mamma didn't raise me right:rolleyes: No problems here though, that is why we have Mods that are on top of their game. I feel much safer now....

Now about those pants of yours Moosie..... :rolleyes:

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I hope nobody thinks I gave two sh!ts about what was posted. You couldnt say a thing to hurt my feelings. I've got skin like a rhino when it comes to that sh!t. I just hope no one is offended by my name!! Give me a break about the kids and women. Why would a kid who hasn't heard a swear word in their life be on this site?..send the little feller to hunttodder.com.

Lighten up guys.

Btw I thought my comeback was legendary.

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Fuggingoodhunter.. the only thing that we don't like about your name is that it's a false statement :D :D I got Emailed your Response, it was a classic.

DS, I CAN use that BIg stick in that context... Because It's a legend.. Or is that a fable, I mix those two up. ;)
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