I have an older 11' Camper I am giving away!

Ten Bears

New member
May 20, 2004
North Idaho
Found this on another site, if anybody is interested.

"I bought this camper a year ago for $100 from my best friends dad. Its older, like a 75, but its all there, no leaks, has water,heat, stove, and oven. No bathroom. It had leaked before, has some water damage on right rear, it would be real easy to fix, just needs some angle iron to stiffen up the mount for the right rear. I want to buy a new camper/trailer when I get back from my honeymoon (March 5th) so first one to drive to West Valley Utah to get it can have it for free! It would make a killer hunting camper, or just a cheap way to get out of a tent. Tell all your friends, I want her gone! Its white w/ blue and silver stripes."
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