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I got my first bear in Maine!!!!!


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Jan 20, 2001
Loudon NH USA
Last Monday was the opener for bear season in Maine.I hunted with the folks at Sunset Ridge Outfitters at Sebec Lake in Maine.About ten after seven I shot a beautiful bear that went abot 200lbs or so.What a great hunt.I still can't believe how quiet a bear can be in the woods.It came in to about 25 yards and I never heard a thing.It just appeared.Some of you may remember a question I posed this past winter regarding which rifle to buy for this hunt.I decided on a Ruger M77 in 30.06.It was a very good choice.Yogi only went about 20 feet after being hit!!One shot from my new gun and now it's back in my gunsafe waiting for the next trip. :D:D I ate some of the meat tonight for the first time and it was very good.
Ben and Starr from Sunset Ridge Outfitters run a great camp.ben keeps the # of hunters under 12 so everyone gets the personal touch.They had been running bait for the month before we got there and the bears were everywhere.I left on Thursday, and by then everyone in camp had atleast one chance at a bear in their stand, with the exception of one guy.Some had seen bears in 2 of 3 nights.Ben really knows bears and how to get them to come in to a bait.From what I understand he's quite the houndsman as well.
If I ever get lucky enough to get drawn for moose in Maine I'll certainly book with Ben and Starr again.When my son gets old enough to hunt I'll be bringing him up there for a bear hunt for sure.
Good luck to all the other bear hunters out there!!!

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