Congrats Tyson, good luck, not that you'll need it.
WELL HELL !! Lemme say Congrats AGAIN !!!!!

I'm Envious BUD !!!!!!!!!

(a little birdy already told me..
SHIT Tyson. HOW can I get any work done knowing you have a permit and I can't go with ya >!>!>>!

I'm taking 21 days off in Sept 3rd-23rd for Alaska hunting ..... BUT... If you make it after that I'll give up DEER and ELK hunting to go with ya !!!

Keep me in the Loop man !!!

YEEEEEEHHHhhhhaaa... OK, I'm done congratulation you ....you lucky S.O.B. !!
Way to go on the tag. It will be nice to see some sheep threads on here this fall. How much time are you going to be able to spend on finding your trophy?
Congratulations!! Glad to see someone on the Board got one. I put in for five years in a row and wasn't lucky ... and I'm a resident!

We'll be looking forward to the pictures and story.

Best of luck.

Congrats on getting the tag!! The hard part is over, now go get your sheep!!

Just curious, how many years did it take for you to draw that tag?? I have been thinking of applying for a that exact tag, so that way I will draw it when I'm a little (or a lot) older.
It finally happened. Drawing sheep changes everything!

I've got 11 weeks to get prepared though.

I've got to update a couple items of my gear:
boots, tent, maybe my pack.

My Dad drew the same unit 14 years ago, and I was with him then. Since then I've been hooked on the "Crags". I gave my dad a call with the news. He's pushing 60 years, but he's going to do everything possible to be able to physically do the hunt. He's the one to blame for my madness. I really want him to go.

This was my 9th year of applications, and my 1st year as an Idaho non-res. With my lifetime ID license I'm counted as a resident in the drawings.

The unit is extremely physical. 14 miles in from the trailhead. I'm thinking I'll try to rent some pack goats or llamas since I don't do horses.

Any one know of someone who rents experienced pack goats and gear in the Boise, Twin Falls, or Idaho Falls areas?

Thanks for the well wishes. I'll have a few questions I'll need help with I'm sure.

T Bone
Do a search for llama rentals idaho on the net and you'll get a couple. I know there is at least one in Boise and one somewhere east of there, cant remember the town.

Not sure on goats, but they are down there. I'll ask a friend of mine who is real active in goat packing and knows folks all over.

Congrats. Where are the Crags? My dad had a 27-? tag 2 years ago. Middle Fork Salmon, between Indian Creek and Cub? creek, down river. Nice country. Is it near there? I dont have the sheep regs handy.

Good Luck Man!
Congratulations, thats great.
we WILL expect a day by day account, as soon as you get back. And remember to take a camera and about fifty rolls of film.
Next year, will you lick the stamp on my applications ?
Tyson is the Luckiest sun-beoch I know
But works hard at it too

Tyson, talk to McClintaw (Ralph) and ask him about that unit, He's by far the Expert on it, Roumor has it no sheep got pulled out of there this last year. The fires in the Ajacent units pulled them out for the New Gress's Ect. I even heard 2 guys hired ol.... Dang, forgot his name ?!?! Anyways, you know who that guide is up there... roumor has it he didn't even get his clients one !!!! I'm not trying to give you a BUMMER, but you got your work cut out !!! Will be a Tough hunt, Not only the Pack in, but the DAY-DAY event, But you've heard Warrens story too *SHhhhhhh* so you know what can Happen

1. GET in SHAPE.
2. GET IN shape....
3. Get in shape ...

Good luck to ya, and Wish I was here to go with you, If you take a long weekend before the Season to go up on a scouting (I.E. dropping stuff off in the hills "Stashing, ect") I'm your man !!!!

PS, click on this link for last ryears report... 0 of 6 tags...

T bone,

When I hunted for my sheep in 2001, I met a guy packing out an elk on the way to Soldier Bar. He said he heard but didn't see rams buttin heads in Waterfall Creek. Have you thought about flying in to Soldier Bar, leaving extra food there, and starting from there? I would reconsider the goat deal. There is some concern that goats can transmit disease to wild sheep much the same as domestic sheep can. Not known for sure but if you do take goats, do not allow them to make nose to nose contact with any sheep.

I will be floating the Middle Fork in mid June and let you know if I see any rams.


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