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Jul 11, 2021
Right near the top of the list of things that turn my crank is being out in remote locations. We charter a bush plane to get to our cabin. I watch as he lifts. And flys on off.
I always feel a kinda different feeling. I'm on my own. Just me n the world. Can't count on a phone but mine is turned off anyways. I'm surrounded by wild ak. Mountains, bears moose wolves bugs more bugs. And I feel at home. I'm blessed to be able to have a cabin to base out of a couple miles north. And have spent months exploring this world.
Didn't always have a cabin though. My first summer in ak was as a forest fire fighter. So I got dropped off in great places around the state. And got to sit around the fire with some of the best woodsfolks in the state. Ask questions about their outdoors adventures. As a squad boss one of my jobs was skirting the perimeter of the fire. Got lost plenty doing that. And got to spend a lot of nights wrapped up in a piece of plastic
When our kids were growing up. They needed meat. So when not working I was hunting n fishing. Spent a lot of nights out there in a tent that was salvaged from the dump. Or under a spruce tree.
Got my 2nd moose on the Stony river. Pretty remote place, we were stranded there for over a week by bad weather. Grizzly bear stole my moose rack hope he enjoyed it.
Freighting enough supplies to build a cabin. Spend a lot of time alone. Or hanging at the cabin n going out looking for track's. Nobody knows where I'm at.
When I watch that little plane tip one float then the other breaking the lakes surface tension. His wing dips, kinda like a see ya later motion.
Then nothing. Just me. The feelings inside me are different, I know I'm on my own. Having a friend is nice but I like the solitude. And my life is much less complicated. Nobody to worry about. I can focus on the environment around me. It's hard to explain. Kinda why I started this thread. For those who get the opportunity to get out, just you n the world. What do you feel inside ?
Hey for what it's worth, I wish all who wanted get out had the opportunities I have had. Keep dreaming its all good

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