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Hunting question?


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Apr 10, 2002
I am fairly new at hunting as many of you may know and my hubby has me a little confused on a issue. Last year he said it was to hot to hunt this year it's not. Temps are about the same this year as last if not a little warmer. My question is when is it to hot to hunt? Any info on this is greatly appriciated. Thanks

What ever your body can take... heck here in AZ during the early bull elk, antelope and archery deer seasons its can be 100º+ .. its never stopped me from hunting
The temperature can have several effects on hunting. Specially if you are hunting migratory animals. If the migration is dependent on temperature, then you have to wait until the migration starts to make hunting worth while.

If the quarry you are hunting is less mobile in warm weather, then hunting when it's warm is still viable, but greatly restricted or you hunt using a different strategy.

As Del pointed out, sometimes it's just too hot to go into the woods. That's a matter of personal preference. Personally, I like hunting when it's warm. Animals tend to go to water more often and it makes them easier to find.

Yes, someplaces migrate depending on temperatures. People here sometimes say its too hot to hunt hogs in the summer. I've shot plenty of hogs when its 100+ midday temperatures. Those people just don't like to hunt when its hot. I get them at night or in the early morning then. The animals have got to be somewhere, every minute of every day, that's what I tell myself. He may have been talking about animals moving from high country down to lower country. They have got to be somewhere, even when its hot where you are.
The reason for him not hunting so he says is the meat will go bad. Where we hunt is a 10 minute drive or a 30 minute walk from home. Last year we shot 2 elk first thing in the morning and had them in the locker at 1 pm. I take it the meat would be okay in that time frame?

I shot my first antelope in 60 degree weather drove it home in 110 degree weather its a 3 hour drive... then after pictures and showing it to my kids I went to the proccesor about 7 hours after I shot it..

My deer Ive shot in 70 degree weather and drove home takening 8 hours in 80-100 weather.. no problems on either end....

put a block of ice in the chest cavity ...DONT I repeat DONT lay it in the back of a pick up truck unless it is raised a foot or so.... The bed of a pickup can get very hot from exhaust pipes and driveline.....

Take ice, put ice all over it. Heck it takes that long, i.e. 1pm, for a big animal to cool down. If you have ice, it will coold down quicker and the meat will taste great! Ever hear of 21 day aged beef? A microbiologist here at work says meat starts decaying near the bone within an hour above 40 degrees. He's a hunter too. He shoots hogs here in the summer but we can quarter them up and get them on ice in a few hours from the time we shoot them.
Thanks for the info. hehe now I can call BS when he's says its too hot. Seriously though that helps alot. Learn something new every day :D


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