Hunting POW in November????


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May 6, 2004
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Thank you to everyone who replied to my earlier post regarding a combo blacktail/blackbear hunt on POW. It looks as if we are going to have to move our hunt back until November due to work commitments. So what is the blacktail and bear hunting like in November?
Black Bear are mostly all gone beddy-by.

Dependng on the years weather, but most are into the dens by Oct 15th or so. There is always exception years.

The Black Bear kill is usually very minimal (in Nov) with a few incedental kills by deer hunters. Over many years the average (total kill for unit #2) for Nov 1-10 is 2 Bears tagged. Nov 10 -20 is 1 bear tagged and Nov 20-30 is less than 1 tagged. Some years in all those time frames 0 were tagged, however during Nov 1-10 some years have 5 tagged, probably the mild weather years.

The Blacktail hunt is good but you need to know how to hunt them during the rut. I have hunted all over the west and this deer hunt is not like any other. It is not as easy as the magazine articles lead you to believe.

Actually we don't see many non-resident deer hunters at any time during the season, guided or non-guided.

According to the Southeast Deer Survey ...... The success rate (from aug 1st to dec 31st) for non-resident hunters was 38.2% (in all of SE) and that includes guided and Doe kills. The average days, per kill, was 12.8 for the non-resident hunter. The average days per non-resident hunter actually hunted was 5.4.

One thing you can count on in November is weather spelled with a capitol W.
Muskeg, Thank you for the reply. What is your opinion of the best time of year to get a good trophy quality bear. I would prefer a fall bear instead of a spring bear, because I want a good hide.
Don't let me discourage anyone from planning a 'rut' Blacktail hunt. But to buy a $250 Black Bear tag in Nov is something I would think over. But when and if you do get one of those late season Bears they sure have nice hair.

That 'rut' hunt is my favorite hunt of all. But I did not learn that hunt overnight. A non area resident could come in and take a dandy just like in the Idaho Falls area but the locals with many years of knowledge usually do it better. You know what I mean.

One of the best things that make the POW hunts (deer & bear) so great is the possibility of a jumbo. They live there. A look through the B&C book in both categories shows that.

The best combo (deer/bear) hunting time is Sept and early Oct.

This is a post I posted on OutdoorsDirectory awhile back .......

Spring vs Fall
That has been a long debate that will continue.

Here in SE Alaska the spring kill is probably more than double (maybe triple) the fall kill. There are several reasons for that though. There are not many spring type hunts and it is a popular hunt to ‘get out of the office’ type thing. As the bears emerge they work their way to the open beaches and tidal flats to feed on the spring green-up. They can be hunted by spot and stalk methods during their evening grazing. Baiting is allowed in spring (by permit). The meat is more edible (salvage is required) in spring. As they start their shedding taking a rubbed bear is a concern though. Feet are usually bald from “brush or snow burn”. Many have rubbed foreheads / chins. All bear don’t emerge at the same time and late emergers offer good hides into June, when early emergers are badly rubbed. There are more boars taken in spring partly because many sows hang the den later. Also the cub is usually hanging tight with the sow and a sow with cub is easier to identify.

Spring hides have a thick under-fur that fall hides don’t. When stretched on a taxidermists table for rugging (skin side up) a spring hide is puffed up like a pillow / a fall hide is flat. Fall hides usually have good hair down over the claws. Fall hides seem to have blacker, longer, silkier hair.

The fall hunt is a different hunt than the spring hunt as the Bears are feeding on fish or berries at that time. The hunt usually takes place upland. Spot and stalk style hunting the low land fish creeks is very productive. The meat is not considered very edible and is not required salvage by regulation. Baiting is not allowed in fall. More sows are taken in fall. Bear usually have added weight by the fall hunt and sometimes females can be hard to tell from boars. Some sows have lost their cubs. Also the cubs are not hanging tight to the sow like in spring.

Black Bear hunting in SE AK is good both spring and fall, just two different types of hunts.
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