Hunter Orange??

Don't "HAVE" to in Idaho...... I usually do when I Hunt closer to the Roads... Back country I wear a "TURTLE NECK" orange or a Neck "GOTOR" as the FLorida Boys call it. Or just a Orange hat.....

I know guys that have almost been shot Because Of not wearing it.... But our Shoot rate is Usually GREAT, Meaning People getting shot accidentally.

Usually it's some dork from AZ or something that does it though....... ;)
Thanks Oscar. I promise that I will try very hard not to get shot. It's no fun. :cool:
Oscar, I've seen that hat you wear, ( photo in the elk board ) and somebody is liable to shoot you just for wearing it !!! :eek:
I never wear orange unless hunting where it's required (period). If some a$$ ho$% can't see me, he cant shoot me. If he does, he better make the shot good or he's going to need a body bag. Honestly, I hate the orange theory, only wear camo unless it's in some state or provence run by idiots that require it. ;) He$$, camo is my favorite color!!! I make my wife wear sheer camo undies to excite me, that's how much I like it! lol ;)
And, NO!! I won't share the pictures!;)

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