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How to get bobcats


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May 26, 2004
Northeast Texas
I have never taken a bobcat before and on this new deer lease I joined I have seen like five of them and was wondering how to get them to come to me so can anyone in here help me out here?
I have seen it done by a good varmint hunter with a dieing rabbit cotton tail call, the electronic one. The guy told me this was a bobcat area, said it would take about 25 minutes and 25-26 minutes later, he called in a bobcat and shot it.

I went out and bought a Johny Stewart 511 electronic tape call after that, but all I've called in so far is foxes. They have digital ones now, they have remote controls for them.

Do a search on "the callingest calls made", they invented it. I'll see if I find it.

Here it is, they have videos, books, hand calls and electronic calls.

Can you take guests? I'll bring my call up? Maybe we'll trade hunts or something.
Use a small animal sound....a cottontail works good. Use low volume and be patient. If you can hunt at night with a light then that is the best way to see the cats. Cats are very sneaky and callers often call them in close and never see them. With the light they can't hide because their eyes give them away. Goodluck and let us know when you get your first cat. ;)
And if you don't kill 'em on the first shot, be ready to shoot at least five more times.
Dem bobcats don't much like bein' winged. Gets them all pissed off and madder than all get out. Not that I've ever done that.
i have good luck changing sounds i call with a rabbit for up to a hour if that didn't make him show switch to a bird call and they will show them self.
its worked good for me to get hidden cats out of cover

If you are talking of Burnham's Yellow hammer woodpecker tape. It's hell on cats. If you play if for thirty minutes and don't see a cat, there or either no cats there to be called, or you weren't paying attention on the stand.
Yeah, that's it, I couldn't remember, Yellow hammer woodpecker tape. If we use it where there's cats and don't get one, I'll just put the caller back in the bag and chunk it over the cliff, eh. Forget about trying to be a caller.

I'm all set. Here kitty, kitty. Here kitty.
Use a feather also hanging from a tree where ya can see it real good they will key in on it and stalk it. Good luck, I've called in 2 using a C-3 burnham bros reedinside a piece of black automotive fuel line (homemade but killer call)
Good luck
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