Sitka Pre Season Savings

How much ribbing.....


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
will I get if I go to Montana and shoot a spike this year :D :D :D

What if I shoot one in Idaho too :eek: :eek:

.....Just wondering
The only ribbing you'll get, is the one that tickles your ribs from getting your ass slammed by the quarter master. Thump,Thump,Thump!!!

Or did it sound more like, foosh,fooosh,foosh.

By the way , where is that quarter slot,anyway?
You'll also be sent to jail. In case you didn't read the regulations, District 310 is branch antlered bull only. Spikes are illegal, they must have a brow tine on both sides.
That means Moosie will be forced to shoot a big one, whether he likes it or not....LOL... :D :D :D
Moosie, you always have and always will get lots of ribbing. But it want have anything to do with what elk in what state you shoot.
( if ya ask me, a spike is a great trophy, until I shoot something bigger )
"District 310" am I hunting a district ?!?!? FETCH..... I guess onr day I will look at the regs.. MAybe in December.. I shure hope my guide tells me when I can Drop the hammer ;) I'm still wanting a SPIKE.. I can hear the Court case now.... "SO, Mr Moosie, You say therwas a 376" Bull... a 227" Bull a 3x4 Raghorn and this Spike.... And you opted for this Spike knowing it was Illegal.... Are you pleading Insanity... MAybe I should ask the guys on your hunting site if they Think you're crazy :D :D"

HAHA !!!
I shure hope my guide tells me when I can Drop the hammer

Maybe he will and maybe he won't. But I am shure he will tell you when to drop something else :D
Maybe we should change his nickname from Moosie to Spike?

Might help with the judge anyway.....

AAh guys there appears to be something I don't know about the big guy,quarter slots banging from the quartermaster, something to do with a frying pan whos wants to come clean on this.
Somebody took a picture of Moosie with a pan once, that's how we learned about how much crazyness there can be, that was it, besides being in the outdoors with the pan. I don't know or remember4 anything about the quarters? How'd you get the name Kiwi hunta? That must be a story or something?
New Zealanders are called Kiwis after our National bird,
Met moosie on Hunt America where he was giving then some stick :D he invited me over to this site, I sent him some hats from New Zealand,he was going to send something from Idaho back but well you know moosie :rolleyes: