how much do you compensate


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Feb 27, 2002
i have always used bow season to do my scouting for rifle season. in florida the public land is closed until a week before archery starts so you dont get much time.this year i decided to take bow hunting a little more seriouslly.this evening i was out and a gobbler came walking by so i just had to try.i have never shot a bow from a tree stand before and never shot anything as low as a turkey so im not sure if one or both is the problem.i had heard to aim a bit high from a tree stand but with the adreniline rush i forgot on the first shot.this arrow didnt even make it into his comfort zone, he just craned his neck and gave me a second shot.i aimed about a foot high and put the arrow right between his legs, he wanted nothing more to do with this and took problem is i dont know why i missed, should i have aimed higher because i was in a tree stand or because the bird was lower to the ground than i was shooting at my there some sort of system to tell me how high to shoot. if its any help i was about 8 feet off the ground.


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Nov 28, 2001
Here's the mistake why most bowman have such a problem from a tree stand, verses the ground. When on the ground, one learns to shoot with good form, [usually]. When in a stand it is natural to just drop the arms. This creates very bad form and we are not used to shooting like this. So you will undershoot your target and good. The big trick to making the propper shot, is to bend at the waist. This realigns your back to straight and puts you back to proper shooting form. This way, you don't have to have fancy pendulum sights or any thing else extra that could fail you at the most inopertune time...Give it a try. It should work.... :D