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How Many Points Needed to Draw a Wolly Mammoth Tag?

I like the thought of them cruising DIA. I wanna be on the car insurance phone claim. That's gonna be great.
In my youth I used to think it would be cool to see animals that had long been extinct. Now not so much. There is an entire slough of reasons stuff like this is a bad idea. We can't cure cancer, but we got wooly mammoths running around.
Just when I thought my Invasive Hippo thread did well......

Well done BHR.
Get ready for lots of folks signing up to Hunttalk to ask for honey holes.

New guy here. I just drew a woolly mammoth tag for unit xyz. Anyone got some tips on where I can find one?
I would give the oh so rare wise advice “ Just open yer eyes, they’re tough to miss ! And if ya feel the ground shake a little just walk in the direction where it shakes more “.
What pattern ? Subalpine, open country, or blaze orange ?!? I think I’d go orange just to be on the safe side

The Camo patterns were not flattering enough didn’t accentuate my Nutsack. So I went with an earth tone tan. I figured I better start looking for a new cave chick since my wife said she will divorce me if get bring more mounts home. Well I am doing a full body on this woolly !!
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