how can you afford the testing?


Dec 13, 2000
Around the corner ,Indiana
I see alot of you guys try several different bullet weights and brands before you decide on one.

How can you afford to buy 5 different boxes of bullets when they range from 20 to 30 dollars a box for preminums?

I have a vision of your guy's reloding table with 40 to 40 diffrent bullet boxes:D

For the 300 rum I am starting out with the Barnes XBT in 165 gr books says I should get around 3200 to 3500 fps at max loads.

Does anyone have any favorite loads for the 300 rum?
Yeah, I have WAY too many different bullet boxes on my bench. Guess I'll just have to commandeer more reloading space from my wife's sewing area. :D

If I find that my rifle absolutely will not shoot accurately with a certain bullet, I have enough friends that reload that I can usually find one who likes that bullet, and a trade or cash purchase can be arranged so that I can get the bullets that the rifle does like.

Either that, or I use the "bad" bullets for practice. It's quite a confidence booster if you know that you can hit something with a bullet that groups twice as large as what you actually use to hunt with.
Jason, I just did an inventory of bullets on my loading bench and in the cabinet. I have 371 boxes total. Granted, some have been around for years, but the ones I use the most I need to reorder. One of the tricks I use for testing loads is buying partial boxes at gunshows. There is always a table or two where someone has an estate or just old bullets laying around and there are partial boxes. You can usually buy these for $2 or $3 a box. That will give you enough bullets to test. As for premiums, I have a deal with Nosler. I buy their seconds at a greatly reduced price. Usually the only thing wrong with them is they are discolored. Saves money.

If you want some, let me know and I'll tell you how much.....


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