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How are your prospects?


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Aug 22, 2001
Henderson, KY
Here's a look at mine...I have access to property in what KY calls a "zone 1" county, which means there are tons of these:

Unlimited tags for those, as a matter of fact. The majority of bucks are along these lines:

Once in a great while you'll run across one of these, but pressure keeps them pretty much nocturnal in my area:

This pic is from last year, but I've seen him once since the season. Looks like he's got a little more mass this year.

Oh, yes, the tour isn't complete without a view of my mascot, a rabbit displaying the International Symbol for Haul Ass:

So, Zone 1 counties have got deer behind every tree, but mostly dinks. So, for the next few years I'm a doe fanatic.
What does everyone else's prospects look like?
Well, gents, it'll actually be about an hour closer to Flipper and an hour further for Nut.
Do your Mapquest for a little one-horse town called Mannington, KY. The property is just south of there. Or try Crofton; it's a little north of there. Bow season starts Sept. 27, I believe; I probably won't be partaking of that due to lack of practice :eek: but I can be camp cook! Rifle season starts Nov. 9. Sometime in October is a 2-day muzzleloader season, with a longer one in December. I've got the does if you've got the time! :D
Sign me up on the rifle know I have that new elephant gun to try out :D

BEING AS az IS SO STINGY with their elk tags :rolleyes:

BTW...I could stand about 8 of those doe tags :D

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If Flipper could make it at that time I would come down just to meet both of you at the same time. Too bad we couldnt get ahold of Thorman so we could meet him also.

A small Kentucky Get Together and we could then tell all the strangers that they have "pretty mouths" :D :eek: ;)
Nut, thanks for the updated pic; if it gets to be a problem let me know and I'll ditch it!

It so happens that I'm scheduled to shoot at doves with Thorman tomorrow, so I'll put it to him. This is shaping up pretty good! Maybe we should call it "Hunt Talk Hillbilly Fest 2002." ;)
HAHAHAHA....... <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Maybe we should call it "Hunt Talk Hillbilly Fest 2002."<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Barefoot, ridge runnin, overhaul wearin, tobacco chewin ASSOCIATION :D
Hey Darren.....if you get up sometime today :rolleyes: Sunday, give me a call here at work toll free;xxx-xxx-xxxx ext# 125 before 6pm

opps...I guess you and Thorman are in the dove field :D

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WELL... I'm hoping OUTLOOK looks good...

I've only been out once but seen this fellow right close to the road... (OK, Actually he was 4.5 miles back in and we climbed 3650 VErt feet to see him.....



Hoping it's At least that good if not better....... OCT 5th BABY !!!!!! COMING soon !!!
Ok now I'm gettin buck fever and I don't even hunt on a regular basis. I work so I can send my hubby out hunting. Actually I've been hunting once and it was a total blast!!! If this hunt talk hillbilly 2002 fest does happen can a former kentuckian turned hoosier join in? I can provide yummy sweets and entertainment ;) .
Sure, why not! I've only got access to about 100 acres so it may be a little crowded... :eek: Maybe we should hire Del to come over and do a professional video production while we're at it. ;) Sorry I didn't get to call you Sun., Flipper; let me know when you're in and I'll ring you up.

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Anytime I can get rid of Nut for a few days is like having a vacation. But one question if I send him to you does he have to come back? :confused:
Vip, he don't have to come back. There's enough possums and little critters down there for him to gnaw on in the off-season. :eek: ;)
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