Hogs in WA?


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Dec 15, 2000
Graham, WA, USA
Was just wondering if anyone has heard of feral hogs living in WA? I have read some other posts elsewhere that hunters have seen them while hunting. One instance was when a guy shot a deer or elk and when he came back with a buddy to drag it out there was a group of hogs eating the gut pile. They fired a .44 at them, but missed and the hogs disappeared. This was supposedly in the area of Pe Ell. Another hunter said he saw one standing on a logging road. It was all black and stood about three feet high and had really long legs. He decided not to take the animal because he didn't know the legalitys of it. He didn't state the area he saw it in, but said he did talk to a game warden who stated the he should have taken the animal because it was feral and can do a lot of damage to the enviroment. The game warden also said that it was a non-game animal and since being feral can be hunted anytime. If this is all true, and I will check into it, I think I might have some great off season hunting. Anybody else out there heard similar things?

Sportfury :eek:
I haven't heard anything before about Washington, but someone (might have been on another forum) mentioned seeing some in Southern Oregon. I'm sure it's possible, since they're definitely spreading all over California. In Europe, they live in the colder areas so why not here?
I heard a rumor once. There are a couple of shooting preserves that selll hog hunts in Eastern WA for around $800. Canyoncrest is one of the places. Canned hunt type deal. I wish there were some cause it would defintiely be fun. Never no, could have got loose from some farm and went wild.
Hey all I emailed the WDFW about hog hunting here in Wa state and they have no desire in getting hogs for here. :( Their reasoning was that they are too destructive to the areas that they are in.They did tell me about that same preserve you told me about Terry,for the canned hunt.
Terry I still havent figured out where Im going for the high hunt yet,will let ya know when I do.Gotta go the Mariners started.