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Aug 3, 2003
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Congradulations Sheri. Guys, Sheri(Crow Woman) had a story printed in the current issue of Predator Xtreme. Dang girl, they won't even talk to me lol, way to go.

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Thanks Guys... nothing big... They asked and I told them exactly how it was

I'm sure come February 1st, I will be on the list of Most Wanted To Contradict... ain't that right Doug

So for now, I'll enjoy the swooshing of my wings

Hey Doug, are you going to be there?
There's more to hitting the big time than being published in Predator Extreme. On Feb. 1rst, Sheri is headed to Cabelas to to do an Eastern Coyote hunting presentation. I'm hoping that someone is on hand to video......Are you listening Raven?
You'll do great Sheri! Just talk about your hunting experiences and share some of your insights.
Can't wait to see it!
The article that is. You snuck that presentation one ahead of me Doug. Would be cool to see that too though.


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I believe the format is a lecture with book signing to follow at the newest Cabelas store located in Eastern Pa. It will probably be standing room only, so you better get there early. Maybe Raven will make some video tapes for those of us who can't get there.


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Now calm down guys... Here's the skinny

I have been asked by the Pennsylvania Predator Hunters Association to speak at one of their meetings. It is going to be upstairs in a conferance room of the new Cabela's in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. A lunch will be served afterwards with also hopes of bringing more members into the club. I will have my books there if anyone wants to buy one.

Of course, Raven will be there with me. I couldn't see NOT having my best friend by my side. Unfortunately though, neither one of us own a video camera, but I did have a thought the other day about going down to my local Rent A Way and seeing if they have them to rent for the weekend.

For me, this is a great honor and I owe ALL of it to Doug! I have a great fear of talking to a group of people, one on one I can do but a group... well, let's just say I will feel like a coyote in a room full of hunters

If we can video it, I will see if someone can make copies for me and get them out. We will just have to see how it goes first...

Thank You Again Doug and your beautiful wife for everything you have blessed my life with!

Crow Woman
Yes Tim and the one I sent in, they said they could not see my face because I had a shadow from my hat. They asked me for a picture of me without my hat but I didn't have one. If people saw my ugly mug, they might be too scared to read the article anyway

Thank You Norm
Crow Woman, It's been awhile since we talked on the phone, but from what I gathered as a person you should do great. With your personallity you will win the audience. Even if you say you hunt Yotes with a BB gun, they will believe you and never second thought it. When you are talking about something you love it is easier to do in front of people. Let them know what you know and it will all fall into place.
To calm your nevers try this- Picture Slydog sitting in back of the room holding a big sign above his head saying-"YOU GO CROW CHICK!!!"
Really, congradulations and I think it is awesome. I'm cheering you on.

God Bless,

You can do this and I know you will have them all in the palm of your hand as soon as you start talking,, just be you, trust me thats more than good enough.

Just a thought,, try to picture everyone in the room huntin butt naked,,,, one glance around the room after that visual and you will feel better,,LOL

Just be YOU! Their gonna love your humor and if they pay attention they may learn a thing or two..........You'll do fine,,, trust me.

sly Go Smote the Yote
Tim, you could always send them your snow camo picture with your buck from this year... That would along with your story from your early season, early morning hunt where you got 15 coyotes on one stand...

It's be nice if I could call 15 coyotes in a week right now. I've been in the mood to do some more writing here lately, just been to busy to get anything done.

But I'm going cat hunting with Bruce on Friday, then coyote hunting with Jay on Saturday. Maybe that will give me the inspiration I need to get my Christmas shopping done early on Sunday and sit down and write for a while.
Tim, have a great weekend hunting; I am off to Kingman area, possibly over into CA for the next 5 days...
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