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Jul 10, 2001
Northern Colorado

I am back from the wild white north of Covington Pa. I didn't bring home any coyotes, but I did bring home some great memories, and a whole lot of insight on hunting the Eastern coyote. Crow Woman is a super hunting partner and very very modest about her predator hunting expertise. Thanks for a great weekend of coyote hunting Sheri!

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Crow Woman

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Jun 9, 2003
Covington, PA
Ya know that kind of family that when from the moment they come, you wish it was time for them to leave already

Well, let me tell ya, Doug and his absolutely beautiful wife are nothing like that kind. They are the kind of people that you wish would never leave

Had a great time with them hunting and visiting and laughing till my sides hurt and the tears rolled.

In the field, Doug is an incredible caller. He's always asking questions and does not in any way come off as a know-it-all. I would partner up with him and his wife anyday! And I hope to do that in the near future!

They got in late Thursday night, so I planned on letting them sleep in and then we would go for a ride in the truck to show them my home. First on the agenda as we drove up the tractor road was to show them my Dad's hunting shack. We get out of the truck as I look over onto the neighbors field and I show them a coyote over there mousing. I think I was more excited because I knew that was the field we would be hunting in come the afternoon.

I took them over to my cabin then and like normal, the coyote that was way over there saw us walking up to my shack and took off for the hedgerow
It's kinda like, "Oh Sh*t, She's Here!"

That afternoon, we sat up in the neighbors field just above the diversion ditch the coyote was mousing that morning. I sent Doug closer down to that field to have more of an advantage of distance between differant calls. I was laying down on the ground flat and just happened to look over at the truck and I saw about four inches of coyote dash over the knoll behind the truck and get away. By the time I stood up, he was through the next hedgerow and gone.

Doug met back up with us and as promised, we got the coyotes to sing with us both playing along. We spotlighted with a red light for awhile and headed back home so that we could get up before sunrise the next day.

I sent Doug and his wife up to my hunting shack and I stayed way back behind the hill from them, thinking it would give them a better advantage. Laying on softly on one of Lance H's call, I was concetrated on trying to see what the deer were so hawkey about to the west, when a bark from behind me rang out. I quickly turned around long enough to see the butt end and tail of a coyote dashing into the standing corn. Now if that wasn't bad enough, he made his way through the corn going from me and way out of reach and barked once more when he got to the other end. I saw a quick blur as he dashed for the other neighbors hedge row and crossed the road as he barked again. Adding salt to the already bruised injury, he traveled through his field and up into the ridge of the mountain about another 600 yards and barked up a storm as if he was laughing at me in hysterics

We did some spotlighting for deer that night and saw quite a few and then back to bed to get up early this morning again.

The coyotes stayed in the scrubs and just worked them paying no attention to me calling other than to answer back. The deer were real nervous and mostly stayed out on the field with me until daylight. Got some halfway decent bucks this year.

Got home and felt real sad watching them pack things up and head on their way. If you ever have a chance to meet up with these two, I suggest you move mountains to do it!

I hope I got this story correct Doug. Correct or add what you need. Thank You for coming on up here and I sure do hope it's real soon that you come back. Turkey season is November 1 through the 22

Ya know we aren't lacking in them

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