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Mar 27, 2002
lynnwood wa.
It was when I was in the Second grade. It was getting to be that time for all the men to take there sons out and do the men thing. It was time to go hunt some elk. I had never been hunting in my life. I got to tell you though that it was one of the funniest things I have done.
We got up real early. Earlier than what I was use to. I could barely keep my eyes open. We got up that morning and had a huge breakfast. We finally got on the road. Once we finally got to where we were suppose to be, I wasn't at all tired. I was definatly wide awake.
We went a good some ways into the woods. I had to be very very quiet. We stopped all of a sudden. My dad told me to not move and sit down right where I was and not move or talk or anything. I agreed. I sat there by myself and waited and waited.
It felt like hours until I started to here a crackling of leaves. I was happy because I thought it was my dad. I picked my head up. It wasn't my dad at all. It was a good size Elk and a Doe. I was wurried out of my wits. I just had that feeling that something bad was going to happen. I just sat there and didn't move.
I peered over towrds a bush. It was my dad. He was sitting there with his bow. He was just watching what was going on. He knew he couldn't shoot the elk because if he did, it would be a good chance that the elk would go straight down and hit me with it's antlers.
So we just sat there and waited there until they left. They finally left. I was so happy that they left but mad that I was in the way of a perfect chance for an elk. But it didn't matter since I got to have the chance to go out with my dad and hang out and see a real live dear three feet away from me for the first time.
Neat story Elkchsr Jr. Keep thinking about that and maybe you'll get your chance at one soon...


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