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Help with elk near Bonners Ferry Idaho


New member
Mar 9, 2003
Washington State
I need some help... At the last moment a friend of mine talked me into going to Bonners Ferry Idaho for an ARCHERY ELK hunt. I leave this Friday to hunt the three day weekend. I just got off the phone with the Forest Service Ranger Greg Johnson and an Idaho Fish and Game agent Mark Taylor for some information.

Is there any spots near Bonners Ferry that I should concentrate on? I just need creeks or drainages that I can start my search. I will be calling and stalking.

Thanks for any help you can give.

THE HUNT.. I don't know much about that area... I'l probe a few Sources though, BTU I'm sure you'll learn fast in 2 days !!! Coming up quick !!!

At any rate, Good luck to ya Amigo !!