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Heading Out for My 400 lb'er...

Mountain Boomer

New member
Dec 10, 2000
Bear seaon opens tomorrow, the baits are getting hammered, the bow is tuned, and the camo is layed out. It's gonna be a long night. Come on 5:00 AM.... Wish me luck!
Hey Boomer
I have not been here in a while and see your post. I am now living in Atlanta on a temp. assignment with my company. I hope you take that big boy I missed last year on that ledge. Please keep us posted.
BOOMER.. BEst of l;uck to y bro... I was out hikeing the hills and GOT lots of stories.. (SEE "MOOSIES BACK" in the Fireside for warm up ;))

Anyways, GOOD luck to ya if you haven't scored already.. And if ya did CONGRATS... Posting and Seeing topis is Hit and Miss lately....

400#'er ;) GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!
No Bear for Boomer...:( For some reason mine quit coming to the bait. We have one hell of an acorn crop this year and they are already falling. Time to start chasing a big buck. I did get to help quarter up and pack out one that will weigh 250-300. 2 more were shot at and missed. Anyway we went 3 shots out of 5 hunters this year with one kill. Not as good as last year but I was happy.

Terry, How have you been? I was wondering the other day if you were on the computer anymore. I tried the area you hunted last year. Saw several bears during September but, not the big boy. When you get back to Arkansas we'll hook up and go hunt'n again.
Hey Boomer,
Yeah I'm still around. When I first got transferred down here I didn't have my Home PC with me only a lap-top. I hate typing on a lap-top so I pretty much quit the boards all together. My family moved down here in July and I have been slowly getting back into the talk forums. I knew it was Bear Season at home so I droped in to see if you were still posting. Low and behold (Arkie term) there you were. keep after em, those acorns can't last forever. I hope you get that big black fella for me. When I do get back, we will hook up thats a date.
Man, and I saw 5 bears this past weekend. 4 Grizzlies and a black bear! OK OK I was at Yellowstone last weekend so I guess it doesn't count. ;) Tough going boomer. Hope you have better luck on the next one!

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