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Jan 9, 2001
Shoshoni WY
I would rather be lucky than good. I was able to get a small 3x4 bull on Sat 23 first thing in the morning. My friend and I walked up this mountain for 1 1/2 hours and when we reached the top at 8:20 am I spotted a small bull and my friend decided to take him with my old pre 64 mod 70 in 270 win. He had already taken two other animals this year with it and he did not want to ruin his one shot kill ratio he had going for himself. He laid down and fired his one round and the bull spun around and ran down into a dip out of sight. That’s when my 3x4 showed at 190 yards with his upper body and head showing above the ridge. I was using my bi-pods with my 358 win hand gun and placed a 180 ssp through his lungs. At the shot he began running and went out of sight. My friend said he could see blood on his chest. I walked up to were he had went out of sight and he was laying with his head up, but before I could set up for another shoot he fell over and never moved again. Now the fun begins. We could not drive closer than 1 plus miles and even though it is almost all down hill there are lots of rocks and sage brush. We were able to get them over half way down the mountain that day and then finished up with help from a 4 legged friend the next day. To make the work even more interesting my friend cut his hand about 2 inches x 1/4 deep so he had only one hand to drag with. We are considered to of the craziest 50+++ fools just for walking up into this hell hole in WY let alone killing something in it. I hunted 7 days in the same area and saw elk on 4 of them. I saw 2 6x6, 1 5x5, 2 4x4, 1 3x4, 1 2x2, and 10 cows/calves and 12 assorted buck mule deer, one true giant. I was just not in the right place at the right time on the bigger bulls and I had not purchased a deer tag. The deer was in the range of XP at 400 yards. I had a cow tag and filled it also because of having the four legged friends for packing them out on Sunday. I was hunting in area 48 in central WY.
I am very busy with 7 differant high schools and 45 students that I work with. I also spent 7 weeks in Laramie on campus with 64 students this last summer. I still work in a little time to hunt and fish but not as musch as I would like, but then I could do that 25 hours a day. I really enjoy my pointer and birds this time of the year. My Kate makes me want to have my little 20 gauge in my hands every day. Elk are work, a pointer is a painter without a brush.
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